About Mokum Surf Club

Mokum is a popular nickname for our hometown ‘Amsterdam’. We are proud to call Amsterdam our homebase, but the world is too big and exciting to not discover the rest of it. Living the fast city life sometimes makes you long for a more slow paced, relaxed and less materialistic kind of life. However, it’s all about balance here. By traveling the world, jumping into the ocean and chasing waves we found our balance.

Through Mokum Surf Club we like to keep surfers and non-surfers up to date on our view of the surfing lifestyle. We’d like to inspire you by doing something out of the box, whether it’s traveling on your own or jumping on a surfboard for the very first time.  We travel to surfing destinations and all other treasures the world has to offer to find the best places to surf, sleep and eat. We go off the beaten track and come across the most beautiful places, people and stories all over the world. Which we share with you!


Hi! I’m Marthe, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I got the travel bug. Ten years ago I traveled on my own and caught my very first wave both for the first time in the land of down under, Australia. I was instantly hooked and felt like I had to properly incorporate this new addiction in my life. Ever since I try to travel as much as possible and find pretty surf spots along the way. Join me on my adventures in this world of wonders!


Bonjorno, my name is Jonne. Also living in Mokum but as little as I can ;-). Traveling to unique destinations and making cool content are my passion (useful in a relationship with globetrotter Marthe). While I made my first trip to Asia during a schoolminor film/drama production and filmstudies, I was sold. The people, the smells, the food, environment and the way of life just got me. I try to live by a quote of one of my role models:

“Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly”



Girl walking on white beach with surfboard



temple pura taman saraswati ubud bali



4quarters villa swimmingpool canggu bali

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