Biarritz: the famous French surf town

While traveling around the world, you sometimes forget how pretty your own ‘little’ continent is. Maybe we are getting too spoiled or staying in Europe seems to be too boring and easy. Cause honestly, I do tend to travel as far as possible with the idea of finding more exoticness and adventure on the other side of the world (my first trip on my own was Australia.. can it be much further?!). I think it’s time to admit… this is not entirely true. Europe has so much to offer with its beautiful cities, amazing landscapes, insanely tasty cuisines and beautiful coastlines covered in surf spots. So I think it’s time we’re gonna talk about our own backyard! We are gonna do a road trip through France, Spain and Portugal and going to tell you all about it.roadtrip france spain portugal mokum surfclub sunset viewbiarritz beaches france

biarritz basque country coast line france
The Basque coastal lines

Surf and dine in Biarritz

Since we love surf spots and try to incorporate them in all our travels, there’s literally one spot we shouldn’t miss out on; Biarritz! Biarritz might be one of the most famous surf towns of France and not without reason. The charming little streets, the lively ‘centre ville’, and of course the waves.. it all adds up to the charm of this town. It’s bigger and busier than all the other towns around, which also makes the place a lot more bustling. It’s a place to flaunt. Whether you’re showing off on your surf skills or your excellent style, there’s room for both. Most surf at the plage Côtes des Basques, where waves are constant even on a flat day. Because of the beach breaks it’s perfect for beginners, but the more advanced will be able to get their fix as well. The place is of course well known… so you won’t be able to find empty line-ups here. But hey, waves are waves, and who am I to say no to them?

biarritz plage beach view france
Le Grande Plage in Biarritz
biarritz beach view ocean france
Plage Port Vieux
french houses biarritz old town
Pretty Basque houses everywhere

Act like the French…

One of the good things about France is the French know how to lunch. Bottles of rose, plenty of time, oysters to start and much more to follow. From Paris to Lyon to St. Tropez, and Biarritz is no different. Around Les Halles (very nice food market in the mornings!) there are plenty of terraces packed with people and good food.

bar jean oysters restaurant food wine biarritz france
Oysters for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Bar Jean

Bar Jean is one of those places. Waiters running around, young and old people mixed together and just one buzzling vibe. Whether it’s mussels, baby squid of traditional steak tartare, everything is mouthwatering and worth a try. So make sure you are very hungry or find a crowd, so you can try it all.

Who says you can’t eat all day long?

It’s not like they only know how to do lunch. Dinner comes them pretty easily as well. So we moved to the other side of the road at Le comptoir du foie gras…. The name alone makes me drool. Little tables on the side walk and the road itself (which is blocked because we and the French need to drink wine and eat), people looking fabulous and the wine and sangria flowing like water. I can get used to this.

restaurant le comptoir du foie gras biarritz
Restaurant Le Comptoir du Foie Gras
pinchos food restaurant wine biarritz le comptoir du foie gras
Pinchos and wine at Le Comptoir du Foie Gras

Even though Biarritz might be one of the most touristy towns along the coast of Les Landes, it’s definitely worth the visit. It has such a nice vibe and somehow did know how to hold on to this old charming feeling you expect in French coastal towns (which a lot of them actually lost a long time ago…). So go check it out, surf a bit, drink wine all day and taste all the delicacies you can find. I promise you, you won’t regret!


sunset biarritz beach france
Dreamy sunsets at Plage Côtes des Basques
port vieux beach biarritz old city france
Plage Port Vieux

biarritz port vieux plage castle france

biarritz town streets beach view france
City strolls
le comptoir du foie gras biarritz restaurant france
Road blocks for Le Comptoir du Foie Gras, nicely done Biarritz!

view beaches ocean biarritz france

biarritz harbour ocean town france

restaurant bar jean biarritz france
Bar Jean; a favorite to everyone
beach view biarritz port vieux plage france
Plage Port Vieux… No waves, just tanning and relaxing
biarritz grande plage beach france surfing
La Grande Plage.. even pretty on a cloudy day

biarritz view old city france beach

biarritz plage du miramar fishing town beach france
When it’s low tide this is the place to be to find little mussels and crabs
biarritz old town france
Biarritz centre ville

Photos by: M. Barends, J. Roeland©

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