Canggu: best things to do

Canggu, the town of surfing, yoga and vegan food (map). The town where to escape from busy Kuta and Seminyak and just go with the easy flow. I think Canggu might be one of the pioneering places in the world if we’re talking healthy stuff with their collection of vegan and raw restaurants, plenty of exercising possibilities and spas that will make you as zen as you can be. Don’t worry, you can party till dawn as well. We spent quite a lot of time in Canggu and if there’s one thing you should do it’s surfing. Batu Bolong beach is ideal if you’d like to learn how to surf, but even the pro’s among us can have a few great sessions here or at Echo Beach. However, there’s more to Canggu than just surfing… 

sunset batu bolong beach canggu bali
Sunsets at Canggu beach
surfing batu bolong beach canggu bali
Waves for days

Sleeping in Canggu

Our two absolute favorite places to sleep in Canggu are 4Quarters and Desa Seni. Both completely different, but absolutely amazing in interior, service and location. Desa Seni is just beautiful. They invented the Bali vibe that all of us so desperately want to get into our own homes. Such incredible personal service with an eye for details. Spend your days relaxing at the pool, doing yoga classes, getting pampered in the spa or simply just eating. It’s all top notch.

Desa Seni swimmingpool canggu bali
Vibes at Desa Seni
room desa seni canggu bali
Bed room goals at Desa Seni


4Quarters has four private villas that will make you wanna move into straight away. The place is decorated with a love for street art and industrialism, which makes it look so cool and unique. With your private pool, not one but two semi-outdoor showers, and the most delicious breakfast menu it’s not easy to even leave the villa. Did I tell you they bake you cookies every single afternoon… I’m sold, I’m moving in for good.

4quarters villa swimmingpool canggu bali
Our very own private villa at 4 Quarters… that means paddle training in the pool
breakfast 4quarters villa canggu bali
Best after surf breakybedroom street art 4quarters villa canggu bali
4quarters villa kitchen canggu bali
Some Bahasa lessons for breakfast

Breakfast at Monsieur Spoon

Monsieur Spoon… you are something. After months of traveling through Indonesia and getting white bread every single morning, Monsieur Spoon is an absolute enlightment. Freshly baked croissants, pain au chocolat and any choice of bread you can think off. Don’t get me started on the cakes. I had my birthday breakfast here and did a serious tasting of all of them. Nauseous at the end for sure, but that was the best breakfast ever.

avocado toast monsieur spoon restaurant canggu bali
My favorite avocado toast in town

Folklore Surf Shop

If you’re looking for a new board or just simply wanna drool on beautifully shaped boards then head to Folkore Surf Shop. This surf shop on Batu Balong produces the most stunning retro boards all made to order. While doing this the ocean and the environment are constantly a big priority and taken into account in every process possible. When you buy a board here, they donate water filters to the local community who are in need of clean water. Such a beautiful brand in every way possible and we can’t support brands like Folklore enough!

folklore surfboard canggu bali

Bali Bike Monkeys

A motorbike is a must in Bali. To cruise around the island and to escape the traffic jams as much as you can, a bike is your way to go. If you fancy not only a fast ride, but also a good-looking one, then Bali Bike Monkeys is your friend. Old school Hondas and Vespas, and even heavier motorcycles are for rent here, so eat your heart out and flaunt it. Make sure you have your international driving license with you to avoid dealing with corrupt policemen in the Denpasar area.

Bali Bike Monkeys yamaha

rice fields canggu faith21 tshirts bali bike monkeys
Best way of cruising around

Sundowners at The Lawn

Let’s just say it straight away… I love this place. There are many beach clubs in Bali, but not one of them as pretty as The Lawn in Canggu. Once you’ve tasted their espresso martini, you won’t go anywhere else. Fridays are for happy hours from 8pm till 11pm.. pizzas, beers and cocktails two for one! Guess where I’ll be…

the lawn beach club canggu
Beach Club The Lawn
the lawn beach club canggu swimmingpool
Espresso Martinis and this view is all you can wish for

the lawn beach club canggu bali

Milk and Madu

Best garlic bread ever. Very random to say so I guess, but it has to be said. It’s not the only thing they do well, cause their extensive all day breakfast menu got quite a few winners on it as well. Milk and Madu is a really relaxed place with good food and very friendly service, that will make you come back several times.

La Baracca

Good wine and good Italian food. La Baracca is like heaven for me. Their pizzas are just a plate of love and happiness. Oh yes, I’m a sucker for Italian deliciousness. This cosy restaurant brings Italy to Bali in all the right ways. Make reservations or get here early, cause it doesn’t matter what day of the week you visit, the place is packed.

The Slow

The unique interior of this Batu Balong restaurant is reason enough to visit. The way the light falls through their walls is just mesmerizing. They could serve chicken nuggets and you would still feel cool. But thank god, they don’t. Cause they look cool AND cook up great food. Their lamb is something you may wake me up for. But also the ceviche, the octopus and the chocolate pop dessert (Magnum, eat your heart out) are must tries. For bookings for either sleeping or eating check out their website.

shrimps the slow restaurant batu bolong canggu bali
Delicious shrimp ceviche

Date nights at La Laguna

This place is just magical. Whether you go to La Laguna for lunch or for dinner, it really feels like you just walked into a fairytale. The whole bohemian vibe, the fairy lights, the beach view, and the delicious food are all ingredients for an incredibly romantic date night or just an amazing experience with your travel buddies.

bar la laguna bohemian restaurant canggu bali
Have some drinks and snacks at the open field with fairy lights all around
la laguna bohemian restaurant canggu bali
If you’re lucky someone will predict your future…

Disco dancing at the Sand Bar

The Sand Bar represents a bit of how life should be. When you think everything is closed, just head down to the beach of Batu Balong in front of Old Man’s. Here you can dance the night away with your feet in the sand, a sky full of stars above your head and a happy bunch of travelers from all over the world. Beers are sold straight from the cool box and the Sand Bar proofs you don’t need a lot to have a great night.

Canggu playground

Hopefully we helped you out a bit in the playground called Canggu. It’s a great place to settle down for a bit and do day trips to all the surrounding sights. Even if you just want to unwind and reset the mind, Canggu is perfect to get stuck. Get spoiled on food, waves and friendly vibes and keep an eye on the website.. cause we sure have to talk about the restaurants here very soon.


surfing batu bolong canggu
Sunrise surf at Old Man’s
echo beach bar canggu bali
Beach life at Echo Beach
echo beach canggu bali sunset
Reflections at Echo Beach

surfer sunset canggu beach bali

woman hindu temple offer batu bolong canggu bali
Bali.. island of the Gods
hindu ceremony canggu beach bali
And there’s always a ceremony somewhere…
4quarters villa bedroom canggu bali
How cool is this bed room? 4Quarters knows how to decorate!
french toast breakfast 4quarters villa canggu bali
Staying at 4Quarters? Definitely order the french toast for breakfast!
street art oldmans canggu bali
Canggu street art
rice fields canggu bali
The typical rice field side roads of Canggurice fields canggu bali
scooter canggu rice fields sunset bali
Absolute sucker for sunsets
surfing canggu beach bali
Surf’s up in Batu Bolong
echo beach canggu bali
Echo Beach
old mans beach surfing canggu bali
Early mornings at Old Man’s with my new friends
sunset canggu beach bali
Art works at sunset
sunrise desa seni canggu bali
Sunrise hours at Desa Seni

desa seni room canggu bali

yoga class desa seni canggu bali
One of the best places for yoga is Desa Seni
spa desa seni canggu bali
And massages as well…
flyhigh yoga class desa seni canggu bali
Fly high yoga… absolutely loved it (although the face tells you different)
offer desa seni spa canggu bali
Offers at the Desa Seni Spa

street art canggu bali

rice fields canggu bali

street art surfing canggu bali
Who can tell me?
canggu beach sunset bali
Surf and chill during sunsetbatu bolong beach surfers canggu bali

sunset surfing batu bolong beach canggu bali

echo beach surfing canggu bali

the lawn canggu bali sunset
Sunsets at The Lawn
konkrete skating canggu bali
There’s a real skate culture in Canggu. Check out this place or Pretty Poison to watch the show off their moves.
echo beach canggu sunset bali
Echo beach at its finest hour

Photos by: M. Barends & J. Roeland©

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