Honestly, the moment I arrived at Dickwella I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful beach, palm trees, blue ocean, everything. But it didn’t get to me. There was literally no one on the beach (no footsteps either, just two dogs), no surfers at all and it almost felt like some sort of ghost beach. So my first day there, I really thought… Where is all the fuss about?

hiriketiya bay beach paradise sri lanka

The Hidden Gem called Hiriketiya Bay

On day two I figured I should take a walk around and immediately found where I was looking for. Through the coconut plantations and the little village up the hill, I ended up at Hiriketiya Bay a.k.a. a hidden gem (map). Same picture-perfect beach with the whole shebang that comes with paradise, including some people and surfer waves! This horseshoe bay has waves for both beginners and the more advanced, has cute little beach huts with amazing juices and banana pancakes and it definitely has a tropical vibe. Jackpot!

Paradise found

After catching some waves while sea turtles were swimming beneath me in the crystal clear ocean I suddenly knew where all the fuss was about. This place is. A hotel move was undeniable. The moment you drop your bags in your room I bet you don’t want to touch them for at least a week. Bikini’s, surfboards, palm trees, and Lion Beer, what more can you ask for? Offering a mellow beach break for beginners and a fast lefthander point break over shallow reef to challenge the more advance among us, Hiriketiya caters to all.

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sunrise hiriketiya beach view dots bay house sri lanka

Hiriketiya's Dream

Even though I had quite a tight schedule traveling along the South coast of Sri Lanka, I messed it up the moment I set foot at Hiriketiya beach. The vibe, the food, the surf, the view. This is it! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll just stay here. I’ll send you a postcard. Will you come to visit me?


hiriketiya bay beach paradise sri lanka

Photos by: M. Barends ©

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