Palomino: a place to fall in love with

If you follow us on Instragram you might’ve noticed that I kind of fell in love with Palomino. I spammed our Instagram feed with pictures of the magical sunsets and the relaxing beach days this place offers you every single day. And not without reason…
So picture this… Waking up with the sound of the ocean, getting breakfast on the beach with palmtrees providing you some shade, lounging the day away or catching some waves and eating fresh fish with your feet in the sand and a sky on fire. Who wouldn’t fall in love?!

Mokum Surf Club tshirt at Palomino beach

beach palomino jungle view
Palomino beach; where the jungle meets the ocean

swing at La Sirena Palomino     sunset sky palomino beach

High end hostels in Palomino

Sleeping in dreamy hostels, which you actually can’t really call hostels anymore. For $10 bucks a night they really know how to give you value for money. With the Dreamers hostel, Tiki Hut hostel and Finca Escondida as your best options, it’s practically a matter of good, better, best! Swimming pool lounging, the empty beach just a hop, skip and jump away, and happy hour cocktails, oh well… can’t I just move here?

Dreamers hostel swimming pool palomino
Hostel life is seriously tough at the Dreamers hostel
tikihut hostel Palomino swimmingpool
Or at the Tikihut Hostel…

River Tubing 

Besides doing nothing all day (which I’m perfectly fine with), Palomino got a river… and tubes. 1 and 1 is two, right? Find a group of people, buy a bottle of rum (it takes a while flowing down), let the locals drive you up the river, and you’re good to go. With the beautiful scenic view of the jungle and the snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, I’ll assure you, it’s one of the best things to do.

river tubing on the palomino river

tubing on the palomino river

Foodies heaven

The funny thing about Palomino is that the village is tiny. There’s literally one main road and a few side roads that will lead you to the beach, but there are so many places where you can eat heavenly! Don’t know how those ratios normally work, but in Palomino it’s almost hard to choose.

Getting breakfast at La Sirena is definitely a must (their french toast and pancakes are to die for), just like eating fresh red snapper with coconut rice at Finca Escondida is and this pizza place which I don’t think even has a name. It’s just a shack with lots of little lights, big picknick tables and amazing pizza. The best directions I can give you is walk down the dusty road of the Tiki Hut Hostel and the Dreamers hostel from the beach to the main road, and after 5 minutes it’s just there on your right hand. Like I said, this place knows the way to my heart.

Finca Escondida Palomino beach
Can’t beat eating freshly caught snapper in a setting like this… Finca Escondida knows how to do it
breakfast at la Sirena
This La Sirena breakfast.. everyday please!
La Sirena restaurant beach view Palomino
La Sirena and its gorgeous restaurant

The charm of Palomino

I kept coming back to Palomino (about 6 times), told everyone I met about this place and even took my parents here. It’s one of those places which you wanna tell everyone about, but meanwhile want to keep secret to let it be as charming and authentic as it is. Palomino is like a dream and I hope you get to enjoy it one day as much as I did… 

Adios Amigos, Marthe

sunset at Finca escondida Palomino

sunset beach walks on Palomino beach

indigenous kids on Palomino beach
Indigenous kids from the Arhuaco tribe

sign palomino war on drugs

palomino town motorbike

La sirena restaurant beach Palomino
La Sirena restaurant

beach and jungle Palomino

sunset beach days Palomino
Aguila colombian beer palomino beach

sunset beach palomino
Dreamy sunsets
Bonfires at the beach Palomino
To top off perfect days; bonfires and night skies full of stars

Bonfires at the beach Palomino

Finca escondida accomodation
Finca Escondida got something for everyone. Whether you’d like to camp, rock in a hammock, sleep in a dorm with 8 others or romantically cuddle up in one of their private rooms, it’s all possible

hammock at La Sirena Palomino beach

surfing palomino beach

indigenous kids on the beach Palomino

sunset beach walks Palomino

monkey tree palomino
Monkey business
tubing squad palomino river
My Aussie, Kiwi and English squad… ready to rock ‘n roll down the palomino river

tubing palomino river colombia

river tubing palomino squad

lizard in the palomino river tubing
I guess we made a new friend…
sunset palomino sky on fire
These Palomino sunsets are insane

sunset pink sky palmtrees palomino

Photos by: M. Barends, L. Folkeringa, L. Endstra ©

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