Panama, it never really had a draw on me. Until we moved to Costa Rica and we’ve been visiting this gem of a country quite regularly. As some of you might know, we are currently living in one of the most beautiful places on earth; Punta Banco. A town literally at the end of the road, with constant waves rolling in and the sounds of the jungle surrounding us. Paradise you might call it. But even paradise has its downsides after a little while (no not complaining, not at all!), and for us city people, after 9 months of sun, beach, ocean, and jungle, we were in desperate need of a bit of city excitement. So Panama City it is! Let’s see if this bustling cosmopolitan city can light our fire.

Panama City skyline from Casco Viejo
Sunset Casco Viejo Lazotea rooftop bar

The big Panama City rooftop bar test

We figured out pretty quickly what our main goal was going to be as soon as we arrived in Panama City (map). Of course, we’ll be doing some classical sightseeing as well, but you can read all about that on basically any blog about Panama City. We figured we needed to bring you something else. As Panama City is basically showered in rooftop bars we present to you The Panama City Rooftop Bar Test! Yes, there are plenty of cities in the world with plenty of kickass rooftop bars, but not many of them will beat the Latino tunes, historical vibes, and two-cities-in-one-view. Already wondering which ones are our favorites? Here you go!


I guess Lazotea is our favorite rooftop bar. Especially for sunset drinks and a delicious dinner. The views are spectacular, with the “new” Panama City just across the bay. Sunset hour has always been my favorite hour, but with a view like this, I like it even more. The staff is incredibly friendly, the food delicious (I mean, truffle mac&cheese), and the vibe contagious. It’s the place where you wanna put your dress and heels on, but without feeling pretentious (we came back in shorts and flip-flops and enjoyed it just as much). Oh, and they got a swimming pool! Just saying. Great place to start your night on the town with drinks and dinner and then continue towards Tantalo Bar for a bit of dancing till the sun comes up.

Lazotea rooftop bar in Panama City Casco Viejo
Panama City skyline during sunset

Tantalo Bar

This is your go-to place for a party. We’ve noticed that it didn’t really matter which day of the week you would go to Tantalo, there’s a party vibe any time. Sip on your cocktail, watch the sparkles all over the city and socialize with fellow travelers. Good spot for people watching, after dinner drinks, and lots of dancing till the sun rises again.

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American trade hotel Panama City

Casa Casco

A good old classic rooftop bar with a view overlooking the old town of Panama City. When entering Casa Casco you feel like you should put some heels on and wear that one fancy dress you have on the bottom of your backpack. It’s the place to dress up and be seen. They’ve got some delicious wines (going beyond the standard Chilean Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc served anywhere else around Central America) and snacks to enjoy that sunset to the fullest. The only downside might be the prices that are just as sky-high as the rooftop bar itself. But then again, sometimes you just gotta live and splurge.

Hotel Las Clementinas in Panama City

Where to sleep in Panama City

After dancing the night away or strolling around the city, there’s nothing better than a big comfy bed to relax and a safe haven to escape city life. As there are many different areas in Panama City with each their draws and beauty, it might be hard to choose a place to stay. However, if we can give you any advice, it would be to stay in Casco Viejo. The old town with its small streets, rooftop bars, creaking old houses, and an endless load of charm, is definitely where you wanna be.

Las Clementinas

The absolute best place to stay in Panama City would be Las Clementinas. In the middle of the Casco Viejo area, this boutique-style hotel has everything you need. Spacious apartments with your own kitchen, good showers, a comfy bed, and a rooftop overlooking the old and the new of Panama City. The place is beautifully decorated with art deco details, a romantic courtyard and balconies all around to see daily life passing by. The fact they have one of the best breakfast places in the lobby makes this place even more perfect for your citytrip!

Las Clementinas garden Casco Viejo Panama City
Las Clementinas hotel room Panama City

Everyone at Las Clementinas will make you feel at home, with attentive gestures during your whole stay. Thanks to them we found this gem of a restaurant called Caliope, which we would’ve never found otherwise. So Las Clementinas is not just a nice, very good looking hotel, but a pretty rad tour guide as well. We loved staying here as it is so centrally located and you really got everything you need for the perfect city escape!

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Where to eat in Panama City

City strolling makes you hungry. At least it does to me. Nothing better to escape the heat and busyness a bit, than relaxing in some hidden garden or pretty coffee spot. We noticed that Panama City has many different options in many different price classes as well. You can go all out, or eat the most delicious things on a budget. Perfect, right? Find our favorites right here!

Mahalo restaurant in Casco Viejo Panama
Lunch at Mahalo restaurant in Casco Viejo Panama City


This cute little lunch spot was actually advised to us by one of you guys! Lucky for us we have such like-minded readers, that give such awesome tips! Mahalo is the perfect place during your stroll through Casco Viejo. With a lush garden and delicious healthy shakes and dishes, you can either hop in for a bit of refreshment or make this your work-hangout. There are so many good breakfast and lunch options here, that you just gotta keep coming back for more.

Brutto Restaurant

Our most recent discovery in the food scene of Panama City is Brutto. And what a gem this is! It’s definitely one of the more fancy restaurants in Panama City, but absolutely worth the splurge. There’s a huge menu, which might make it hard to pick your poison. To help you out a bit; definitely try out the Brussel Sprouts, Crispy Tuna, Lobster Rolls, and Tacos Don Julio. We are already looking forward to our next visit, so we can explore more of that fantastic menu. Extra shoutout for the incredible staff as well; we definitely had one of the best experiences in Panama City here!

Tuna crispy rice at Brutto Restaurant in Panama City
Moroccan salad at crepes and waffles Panama City

Crepes & Waffles

I’ve been wanting to recommend this place for years already, but couldn’t find the place for it in the right article. I found out about Crepes & Waffles in Colombia quite a few years ago. And every time I discovered one, I was “semi-splurging” my backpackers budget with some good excuse (it’s Friday/I’ve walked a lot/I haven’t been out for dinner in a week/etc.) on waffles. However, to my biggest and most exciting surprise, there was a Crepes & Waffles in Panama City as well! Hallelujah! So, this time I dragged the boyfriend here three times in a week for the exact same order every time: Moroccan salad and berry waffles with chocolate sauce. YUM, YUM, YUM.


If you’re up for a night of dressing up or a guaranteed successful date night, then make sure to book a table at Caliope. Easily overlooked, as we passed it several times and there’s no obvious sign of a hip and happening restaurant from the street. It actually adds to the experience, the moment you take the elevator up and enter this beautifully loft-like restaurant with lounge tunes and cosmopolitan vibes. The menu was a hard one for me, as choosing almost seemed impossible with so many good things going on. Never ever dare to miss out on their chocolate surprise dessert with warm white chocolate sauce. It’s heaven on a plate or maybe even better than that.

Restaurant Caliope in Panama City
Sushi at Aki sushi bar in Panama City

Aki Sushi Bar

We’re not the first ones to mention Aki, and probably not the last ones either. This sushi hotspot is just a really nice place for a fun dinner. It’s a good value for money place, with tasty sushi, funky interior (proper Japanese vibes), and original drinks with Japanese influences. They even got a sushi/cocktail happy hour from 4 PM till 7 PM. Told you, worth mentioning.

Tomillo Panamá

Are you in Panama City for the weekend? Then make sure to head to Tomillo for a night of delicious food, live music, beautiful people, and splendid cocktails. Tomillo is located in the ‘new’ part of Panama City, but the patio garden definitely takes you back to other times. We keep on returning here for one dish especially; Arroz con Mariscos. A big plate of fragrant rice with lots of seafood that is just SO good. Definitely a must-visit when in town, but do make reservations as it’s often very busy!

Grilled shrimps at restaurant Tomillo in Panama City
Wine bar Corcho in Panama City


Ask for a glass of wine anywhere in Central or Latin America, and chances are about 100% you’ll get a cheap Chilean/Argentinian Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc. Nothing exciting, nothing really tasty. That is, until we found Corcho! This tiny wine bar in Casco Viejo has a massive selection of wines from all over the world, by the glass! Taste your way through their wine list, while munching on some delicious snacks, and enjoying street life of the old town. We guarantee you, it’s the perfect spot after a day of exploring.

Eat, explore, enjoy, repeat

I think we got you set for a week full of eating and exploring the cultural melting pot of Panama City. We never expected it to be as much fun as it was. After lots of eating, dancing, shopping, strolling, and exploring, our hearts are filled with good experiences. Panama City has refueled us again for beaches, waves, and remoteness, but we can’t wait to return to explore more of this amazing city.

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Recap of Panama City

Do you rather look at images than reading stories? No worries, we have a short recap of everything you need to know below.

Best time to visit

You can visit Panama City all year through. We went in January and in July and had a fabulous time on both occasions.

Our hotel picks

Without a doubt Las Clementinas.


US Dollars.

Las Clementinas balcony view Panama City

Where to eat

Mahalo or Crepes & Waffles for breakfast and lunch, Caliope for dinner, Lazotea for drinks.

Best rooftop bars

Lazotea is our favorite for dinner and drinks!


Always summer, always 28°C or 82.4°F (more or less).
Dry season: December - April
Rainy season: May - November

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