San Cipriano: Mototrain jungle cruising

Sometimes you come across places or activities that you would never ever come across in good old Europe. Well, San Cipriano is one of those. Whomever found out about this jungle town, must have been quite the treasure seeker, cause this place is definitely off the beaten track.

Somewhere between Cali and Buenaventura you get dropped off on the side of the road, and you’ll be like… where the hell am I? People looking at you like they’ve never ever seen a tourist in their life (which is definitely not true, part of the whole experience I guess..), no sign of San Cipriano whatsoever, and the thought of how am I coming back to Cali crosses your mind pretty much the same moment you get out of the bus. Adventurous it is!

colombian jungle town
In search of San Cipriano
moto train in San Cirpriano
Moto train ready when you are

Hold onto your butts!

Once you start walking, this crazy busy, music everywhere, little main street (still no tourists) pops up out of nowhere and there it is…. The moto-train! Although train might be a bit overrated. Basically it’s a motorcycle build upon a piece of wood that will cruise you through the jungle on an old train rails. Quite the creative mind, right? Jump on and hold on tight, and within 20 minutes you’ll be in San Cipriano. Once again in the absolute middle of nowhere and bloody humid, but this town build upon the river banks has some proper tubing waiting for you.

jungle town moto train
This is how they roll… literally
tubing san cipriano colombia
River Tubing in San Cipriano

San Cipriano adventure

Get your tube from one of the many packed restaurant shacks, float down that river and finish off with an ice cold Costeña beer and a big plate of the best local river prawns dish you can think of. When you’ve had you’re adventure fix, take the moto train back and this strange little jungle town suddenly all seemed like a dream. You gotta love Colombia!


moto train jungle colombia

little girl san cipriano

san cipriano street tubing
Get your river prawns at this ladies’ little restaurant… too good to be true!

laundry drying jungle town

streets san cipriano
The streets of San Cipriano

colombian girl in the streets of San Cipriano

train rails san cipriano

moto train traffic colombia
It’s definitely not a two way street, so from time to time you gotta step off…

jungle town colombia

jungle town party
Even in the middle of nowhere there’s a disco…

moto train san cipriano

Photos by: M. Barends, J. Roeland ©

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