Amsterdam, our beautiful hometown! It’s a shame we haven’t written one article about it, don’t you think? Up till now! We’ll share our local favorites and even show you how to visit our amazing hometown sustainably. Little people know this, but Amsterdam is actually one of the front runners in offering sustainable city tourism. And let’s be honest, a trip doesn’t get more sustainable than discovering your own city on a bicycle. 

Bicycle on the canals of Amsterdam

Sustainable activities in Amsterdam

So, let’s start with what you should do when visiting Amsterdam. The most obvious and easy way to visit our town sustainably is, of course, exploring it by bicycle! Because you haven’t been to Amsterdam if you haven’t been on a bicycle. Though we locals might be annoyed like crazy with tourists having no idea how our little bicycle city functions, I would still recommend exploring our beautiful city this way. It’s the perfect way to discover all the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of Amsterdam, while stopping for coffee, ice cream, lunch, bites, and drinks along the way. Cycling makes you thirsty and hungry, right? Most hotels rent out bicycles, and there are plenty of other shops around town renting them out (about €12,50 per day, does get cheaper if you rent them longer).

Is it raining cats and dogs? No worries, our public transport is completely green as well!

Visit the Noordermarkt on Saturdays

There’s a big organic market every Saturday morning on the Noordermarkt. It’s the perfect place to try local delicacies like Dutch cheeses, organic honey, or fresh oysters. Sample your way through the organic farmers market, stroll along the Lindengracht market (one street further), and search for one-of-a-kind antique gems while enjoying the diversity of people attracted by the market every week. 

Organic fruits and vegetables at the Saturday Noordermarkt in Amsterdam
Sustainable museum in Amsterdam The Hermitage

The Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum isn’t only one of the most beautiful and historic museums you can find in Amsterdam but also a very sustainable one. One of the most admirable actions they take, is the collaboration with the Hortus Botanicus. Due to a pipe system between the two locations, the art of the Hermitage can be cooled, while the warm air this causes is transported to the tropical gardens of the Hortus Botanicus keeping the climate on point. The warm air turns into humidity which is then again transported back as cooled water to cool the art. Quite the sustainable circle, right?

The Plastic Whale

An amazing concept to create awareness on the massive plastic problem we have in the world, while in the meantime, you get to discover Amsterdam by boat. The Plastic Whale foundation organizes a big clean-up boat event after two festive events in Amsterdam (Gay Pride and Kings Day), to restore all our canals to their natural beauty. 

If you’re visiting Amsterdam the rest of the year, Ecoboats Amsterdam, offers a similar experience. 

Boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam
DGTL sustainable festival in Amsterdam

Visit a festival

Who knew visiting a festival could be considered a sustainable activity in Amsterdam?! Two of my favourite Summer festivals are considered to be some of the most sustainable in the world! DGTL and Welcome to the Future show the world how it’s done. Being sustainable doesn’t stop at recycling plastic cups, but continues throughout the whole preparation and experience of those festivals. From renewable energy sources, to the prevention of food waste, eliminating residual waste, and offering vegan food options, they try to be fully sustainable and 100% circular.

Sustainable shopping mecca

Shop till you drop is obviously not the most sustainable way of spending your city trip, unless you skip the high street shops and follow the treasure hunt of sustainable shops around the city. For organic and locally produced groceries, visit Marqt. For secondhand gems make sure to stop by Episode, Laura Dols, and the Monday morning market at the Noordermarkt. Salon Heleen Hülsmann has the most beautiful designer vintage pieces and is definitely worth the visit. Looking for sustainable body care and home perfumes? Visit Marie Stella Maris. Stop by Sukha for sustainable basics and beautiful knits, while secretly adding a few homeware gems to your basket.

Sustainable thrift shopping in Amsterdam at Laura Dols
Sustainable beauty salon Beauty Bewust in Amsterdam West

Sustainable self-care at Beauty Bewust

Exploring Amsterdam can be exhausting; so much to do, so little time. Most definitely if you’re doing it all on a bicycle, right? We got the solution for that. Book yourself a sustainable treatment at Beauty Bewust. This cute little beauty salon in Amsterdam West (within walking distance from our hotel pick) is everything you want after a long day of exploring. Sarah’s treatments are all done with sustainable products that actually work. I highly recommend trying the Vitamin C treatment; I left her salon glowing for days.

Conscious Hotel Westerpark in Amsterdam

Hotel Pick: Conscious Hotel Westerpark

We loved the location of this Conscious Hotel joint in Westerpark. You’re only a hop and a skip away from the fun and beautiful neighborhoods the Jordaan and Haarlemmerdijk, and you basically got a whole park available to walk/run/chill when you roll out of your bed. The hotel itself is all about sustainability. From water-saving showers to sustainable cleaning services, to green energy and organic foods and drinks in their restaurants. Conscious Hotels takes sustainability seriously and it shows through the whole experience you’ll have when staying with them. Another big highlight (especially in summer) is their terrace with sun all day long. Breakfast can’t be beaten with a spot like that. 

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Sustainable Restaurants in Amsterdam

Being sustainable as a restaurant can be accomplished in many ways. It’s easy to think that only vegan is the way to go when talking about sustainability, but there are other ways of minimalizing your ecological footprint as well. One of the first, and most progressive sustainable restaurants in Amsterdam is De Kas. By now, we can call it an institution as it has been paving the way for many years now. De Kas is a place you should definitely visit while visiting Amsterdam. Set in a beautiful greenhouse, they cook only with local products and produce from their garden. Do make reservations in advance!

Sustainable food at restaurant Yerba in Amsterdam


Whoever thinks of sustainable restaurants as tree-hugging gathering spots hasn’t been to Yerba. This plant forward restaurant offers a completely plant-based menu, but doesn’t rule out the carnivores and pescatarians among us. Their root to seed approach brings you creative dishes that are absolutely delicious. They work with local suppliers and adjust their menu to what the season offers. A must-try is their Okonomiyaki; we literally licked the plate till it was clean again. But also their other dishes were very tasty and a feast for all the senses. A great place for Sunday brunch or a nice dinner any day of the week!

Vegan Junkfood Bar

The Dutch are pretty proud of their snack culture. Kroketten, frikandellen, kapsalon, or a patatje oorlog (fries war); we all have a few favorites on which we indulge, most probably at midnight after a night out. The only downside of this snacking feast is that it’s not sustainable AT ALL. It’s supposed to be cheap, and we all know what happens to the supply chain when that’s the main goal. Up till now! The Vegan Junkfood Bar changes the ingredients by focussing on plant-based only without compromising on taste and texture. They might not be open at midnight, but we don’t mind snacking any other time of the day for some vegan deliciousness.

Hamburgers at Vegan Junkfood Bar in Amsterdam
Vegan restaurant Mediamatic in Amsterdam


Are you looking for a unique dinner experience? Then make a reservation at Mediamatic. You’ll dine here in tiny greenhouses overlooking the IJ and the old city center. The setting is absolutely magical, especially once the sun is setting and everything is bathed in golden light. The staff here gives you the warmest welcome and continues their impeccable service throughout the night. There’s a set 4-course vegan menu with surprising flavors, textures, and combinations. It was absolutely delicious and a feast for the eyes. I do have to say we weren’t completely satisfied yet after the four courses, so if you’re a big eater you might want to plan in an extra dessert somewhere else afterward.

Amsterdam in all its sustainable glory

As you can, see there are plenty of options to experience Amsterdam sustainably. Whether you’re here for a day trip or have a few days to explore; Amsterdam got so much to offer. This sustainable Amsterdam guide will take you off the beaten track, away from the typical tourist spots, so we actually have more to offer than smoking weed and the Red Light District. 😉 Enjoy our beautiful green city!


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Sunset view over Amsterdam Central

Photos by: J. Roeland & M. Barends©


Do you rather look at images than reading stories? No worries, we have a short recap of everything you need to know below.

Best time to visit

Amsterdam is best enjoyed during Spring and Summer, so come visit us in between April - September

Sustainable Hotel

Conscious Hotel Westerpark is located in a really nice area in the city centre!



Canal houses in Amsterdam

Best Sustainable Restaurants

Definitely Restaurant De Kas. Such a special experience in the middle of the city enjoying absolutely delicious food.

Best Sustainable Activities

Strolling around the city exploring all the beautiful neighbourhoods is actually the best thing to do. Add a visit to the Noordermarkt on Monday or Saturday, a beauty treatment at Beauty Bewust, and a visit to The Hermitage to that and you'll be one happy sustainable camper.


Dutch weather can be as unpredictable as can be. Make sure to pack a raincoat and a warm sweater, even in July.

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