Mokum Surf Club

What is Mokum Surf Club all about you might think? Mokum is a popular nickname for our hometown Amsterdam. We are proud to call Amsterdam our home base, but the world is too big and exciting to not discover the rest of it. Living the fast city life sometimes makes you long for a more slow-paced, relaxed, and less materialistic kind of life. However, it’s all about balance here. By traveling the world, jumping into the ocean, and chasing waves we found our balance.

All about surf

Through Mokum Surf Club we’d like to keep surfers and non-surfers up to date on our view of the surfing lifestyle. Chase waves, unwind at paradise destinations and enjoy the little things in life. We love to travel to surfing destinations (and all other treasures the world has to offer) to find the best places to surf, explore, eat, and sleep. We go off the beaten track and come across the most beautiful places, people and stories all over the world. Through our blog stories and surf retreats, we take you along and hope to inspire you to do something out of the box. Whether it’s traveling on your own or jumping on a surfboard for the very first time; chase those dreams!  

Mokum Surf Club Retreats

Before I ever had my first surf lesson I thought it would be nothing for me. I wasn’t a good swimmer, neither a huge ocean lover. Little did I know back then! After my first surf lesson at Mojo Surf in Crescent Head, Australia, I was hooked. It has changed my look at life, it has given me a passion that brought me to places I never expected to visit. We hope with our retreats to enlighten that fire in you as well. Whether you have never surfed before or have been washed away and got up a thousand times, we would love to invite you to one of our life-changing (oh yes!) off the grid surf retreats.

MSC Agency

With an MSc. in Corporate Communication Science, a BSc. in Media & Entertainment Management, and an endless love for content creation, there wouldn’t be a better place to put all this knowledge and passion into than our MSC Agency. Marthe has a background in social media management and content creation, working for luxury hospitality brands in Amsterdam and travel brands all over the world. Jonne has produced videos for advertising campaigns, corporate storytelling, and  Dutch television productions. Together we have been growing both our own Mokum Surf Club social media channels, as those of international clients. Creating video, photo, and text content along the way. 

We develop websites, content, and social media strategies specifically tailored to the hospitality, surf, and travel industry, and work closely with our clients to build digital strategies that deliver results.

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Got any questions, wanna share your favorite surf spot or would you like to work together? Let us know in the subject what your question is about (blog, retreats, creative agency), and we’ll get back to you ASAP.