COVID-19 Costa Rica 

Traveling these days isn’t the easiest thing in the world with COVID-19 throwing in a restriction or two. During your stay with us it’s most important you and your fellow attendees are feeling safe and sound. To make things easier we’ll line out what it is you need to enter Costa Rica safely, what we do, and what you can do for the safest retreat experience.

COVID-19 entry rules

  • Citizens of ALL countries are currently allowed to enter Costa Rica by air
  • You don’t have to quarantine upon arrival in Costa Rica
  • For vaccinated travellers:
    • You must have received an approved vaccine: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson
    • The last dose must have been administered at least 14 days prior to entering Costa Rica
    • You need to be able to show proof of vaccination both beforehand through uploading it to the Health Pass and upon arrival into the country
  • For unvaccinated or party vaccinated travellers:
    • You need additional travel insurance to cover any COVID-19 related expenses. Your insurance needs guaranteed coverage of COVID-19 related medical expenses with a minimum coverage of 50.000 USD. It also needs to include a minimum coverage of 2.000 USD for lodging expenses as a result of being placed on quarantine if you become ill during your trip
    • If your own travel insurance doesn’t cover these costs, you can get insurance with INS a.o.
  • 72 Hours before your flight to Costa Rica you need to fill out the Health Pass. You can find the online form here. 

Mokum Surf Club Retreat procedures

During your stay with us we will have a few procedures to secure your and our staff’s safety. The retreat is set up around being in the open air all day through, having all activities outdoors, so ventilation and fresh air are guaranteed. We do ask you to take certain measures before arriving:

  • Even though a RT-PCR COVID-19 test with a negative result is no longer a requirement for entry, please consider the high percentage of cases worldwide that have been asymptomatic. Help slow the spread and protect those most vulnerable. We ask that anyone with a trip planned to our Mokum Surf Club retreat be mindful of this
  • We require all guests to confirm no cold or flu-like symptoms 48 hours from arrival
  • Wash your hands upon arrival and as often as possible during your stay
  • Be respectful of other guests and our staff and keep a safe distance
  • Masks are not required on the premises of our retreat. However, when going to public places in the village please follow the rules that apply
  • Bring your own masks
  • We will offer multiple hand sanitising stations through the house 


  • All our team members are fully vaccinated and will be tested multiple times during your week with us. If anyone has any COVID-19 related symptoms they will be sent home 
  • All our team members will take all necessary hygiene measurements during their time with us
  • We will assign guests a personal yoga mat, and block to use throughout the week. You are welcome to bring your own
  • All our vehicles for transport will be disinfected before and after every trip. All drivers will wear masks at all times
  • Rooms and common areas will be cleaned daily 

If there is anything extra you feel you would need to make your stay more comfortable, please just ask.

COVID-19 Cancellation policy

  • If the retreat is cancelled by Mokum Surf Club due to reasons related to COVID-19 you will be fully refunded 
  • If you choose to cancel more than 14 days before arrival for whatever reason we agree to waive our normal terms & conditions
  • When the retreat is going ahead, but you need to cancel due to reasons related to COVID-19 (positive COVID-19 test, country closures, local rules and orders) we can offer you a credit which will be transferable to another retreat date. The voucher will be valid for 2 years starting the last night of the original booking. As this incurs administrative costs and non-refundable costs already made to our suppliers, this is subject to a $550 handling charge
  • Mokum Surf Club cannot offer any COVID-19 related refunds once a guest has arrived
  • Once onsite if you present symptoms or feel sick, we wil ask you to self-isolate and we will provide all the help we can to get you to a doctor to get a PCR test and treatment if necessary

What our flexible COVID-19 booking terms do not include:

  • If a family member or someone in your surroundings is diagnosed with COVID-19 and you are required to self-isolate, which prevents you from traveling
  • A close relative is diagnosed with COVID-19 and you are required to care for them
  • You are denied boarding to your flight due to failing COVID-19 checks
  • You are unable to join the trip due to not fully complying with the testing or vaccination requirements to enter Costa Rica

We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance with specific COVID-19 cancellation and curtailment provision.

Departing Costa Rica

Most countries will require a negative PCR or Rapid test upon arrival of your return. There’s a test location next to the International Airport Juan Santamaria in San Jose. You can either make an appointment beforehand or arrive there and make one upon arrival. You’ll need to bring your passport and pay by card only. Costs are 88USD per person for a PCR test and 65USD for a Rapid test. Your results should be ready within 24 hours.