Rancho Burica: where the bad road ends and the good life begins

So, we ended up where the bad road ends and the good life begins. And what a good life! Rancho Burica is just one of those places that steals your heart immediately. Not a photo or video will do it justice, ’cause the beauty of nature simply can’t be captured. You just gotta go. You might think now, where is that?! Well, head to Costa Rica and make your way down south to the tiny town of Punta Banco (map). We promise you, you’ll get swept away.

Rancho Burica is set among lush jungle, with their very own waterfall in the garden, red macaws flying over and monkeys running around. As if this isn’t enough, Rancho Burica is literally at the beach. With a wave out front. Does it get any better? We guess not.

Let’s surf

I remember arriving here at night, having no idea what we got ourselves into. We heard the sound of the ocean quite close by and some howler monkeys seemed to be hidden somewhere on top of the roof. We could straight away take a seat at the dinner table for a home cooked meal of burritos, which was exactly what we needed after the drive down from Jacó. The next morning we woke up in awe. What a jungle paradise is this. Or wait, what a surfers paradise is this. Because not only are you surrounded by nature in the form of animals and jungle plants, but also in the form of waves. All. Year. Long.

  • waves Rancho Burica
  • surfing Rancho Burica Punta Banco
  • drone photo surfer girl Punta Banco
  • drone photo surfers Punta Banco
  • beach Rancho Burica Punta Banco
  • surfers Pavones Costa Rica
  • surfer pelicans wave Rancho Burica Costa Rica

With a completely empty wave just out front of Rancho Burica you can eat your heart out here. Summers are for clean, glassy, long left handers. Not the biggest ones, but definitely fun. From March till September you’re in for a treat. The waves catch more swell, and when it’s getting too big to handle in Punta Banco, you can always drive down to Pavones for the second longest left hander in the world. I can honestly say I have surfed my best wave in my life down here. Long, perfect speed and perfect swell. And spoiled for life now.

Punta Banco waves
The gem called Punta Banco
  • surfer girl at beach Punta Banco
    Empty beaches, empty waves.
  • surfer Pavones Costa Rica
  • Pavones Costa Rica drone image
    Pavones from above.
  • Surfers Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    Surf squad.
  • Surfer Punta Banco Costa Rica
    Good days in front of the Rancho.
  • sunset surfer girl Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    Sunset surf check.
  • surfer girl Punta Banco Costa Rica
    Only smiles. Big ones.

I can’t surf. What now?

Non surfers will be feeling just as much at home. The place embraces the “Pura Vida”. Or better said, sit back, relax and absorb all that the good life has to offer you. You must be wondering what that is, that good life. Swaying in a hammock and read a book? Yes. Gazing over the ocean and spotting whales? Yes. Long beach walks without seeing a single footprint or soul? Yes. Riding horses through the mountains and jungle, and galloping over the beach? Oh yes indeed. All of this and more. Spot monkeys, butterflies, sloths, and birds. Do daily yoga sessions with a killer view (I’m not exaggerating at all here. It is priceless.) and gain 20 pounds on delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners (ask for the Mango Bar. After one bite, you can’t live your life without it anymore).

Horseback riding through the jungle Punta Banco Costa Rica
Best way to explore the surroundings of Rancho Burica.
  • yoga deck Rancho Burica Costa Rica
  • beach dog Rancho Burica
  • cappuchin monkeys jungle Rancho Burica
  • breakfast Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    Breakfast is calling.
  • baby turtle conservancy project Punta Banco
  • sunset Rancho Burica Costa Rica
  • beach dog Rancho Burica
    The famous Celia Cruz.
  • tide pools beach Punta Banco
    Tide pools showing themselves with low tide.
  • Waterfall Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    The garden waterfall.
  • Pavones sunset surf Costa Rica
    Does it get any better?

Hooked on Rancho Burica

I love it when you visit a country without expectations and it just blows you away. Costa Rica has been doing exactly this and it will be pretty hard to leave it at some point. Rancho Burica is just the cherry on top and, I promise you, will be the highlight of your trip. I guess that means we’re sticking around for a bit. You come visit us? We’d love to ride a party wave with you in this jungle paradise!

Hasta luego,


For more information or bookings visit their website.

Mokum Surf Club Retreat at Rancho Burica

Would you like to experience this place just like us? Come join one of our Mokum Surf Club Retreats at Rancho Burica! Find out more here.

Drone image Rancho Burica Costa Rica
Surfer girl Punta Banco Costa Rica
Surfer Punta Banco Costa Rica
indigenous people of Guaymi tribe Costa Rica
The indigenous people of Punta Banco, called Guaymí.
  • surfer girl bicycle rancho burica punta banco
  • Plant Costa Rica
  • Restaurant Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    Hungry, anyone?
  • red macaws Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    If you’re hearing any screeching sounds it’s most definitely these guys.
  • tide pools Punta Banco Costa Rica
  • jungle garden Rancho Burica
  • indigenous reserve Punta Banco Costa Rica
    Mountain views.
  • Rancho Burica deck Costa Rica
Surf deck Rancho Burica Costa Rica
anteater Rancho Burica Costa Rica
Hello, Mr. Anteater.
  • Room boathouse Rancho Burica
  • Rancho Burica dog
    Lindo Leo for sure.
  • Palm Rancho Burica
  • jungle garden Rancho Burica
  • flower Rancho Burica
  • Room boathouse Rancho Burica
    Sleep in the completely open air Boathouse.
  • sunrise Rancho Burica beach Costa Rica
    Good morning, Punta Banco.
Punta Banco Turtle conservancy hatchery
One of the turtle hatcheries of the conservancy project Tortugas Punta Banco.
  • lizard jungle Rancho Burica Costa Rica
    Wildlife all over the place.
  • baby turtles Punta Banco beach Costa Rica
  • starfish Punta Banco Costa Rica
  • Spider monkey jungle Costa Rica Rancho Burica
  • hermite crab plastic soup Costa Rica
    It’s a sad wake up call.
  • sunset beach Punta Banco Costa Rica
Beach Punta Banco Costa Rica
Hello paradise.
  • beach Punta Banco Costa Rica
  • beach swing Rancho Burica Costa Rica
  • dragon fruit Rancho Burica Costa Rica
  • guaymi indigenous people Punta Banco Costa Rica
  • sunset Pavones Costa Rica
  • surfer girl Punta Banco Costa Rica
  • surfers Mokum Surf Club retreat Punta Banco Costa Rica
  • Rancho Burica Costa Rica
Beach Punta Banco Costa Rica
Isn’t this one of the most beautiful places on earth?

Photos by: M. Barends, J. Roeland & L. Folkeringa ©.