Lodges Ekologika on Portibi Farms: a garden of Eden in Java

We often go to destinations and find a place to sleep. But sometimes places to sleep are a destination worth visiting themselves. After spending a week in incredibly busy Jakarta I was literally longing for some peace and quiet. A place without traffic, without smog, without 10 million people. We heard about Lodges Ekologika on Portibi Farms and figured this was the exact place we were in need of. It’s an ecolodge retreat in the mountains just two hours from Jakarta. Sounds perfect, right? We could definitely use some fresh mountain air.

view rooms portibi farms java
Endless views wherever you stay at Portibi Farms

Gateway to paradise

Arriving on Portibi Farms was just like I imagined it. Getting there on a bumpy road, getting lost twice. But when we arrived it was silent, birds and butterflies everywhere, and so incredibly lush. Views over the valley as far as the eye could see. Just everything completely opposite of the busy city of Jakarta. We were planning on staying for just one night on our way down to the coast, but extended pretty quickly.

lobby portibi farms java
Quite the welcome lobby, isn’t it?
flowers portibi farms java indonesia
bar portibi farms lodges ekologica
Favorite hang out on the property. Sipping tea, reading books and enjoying the views all day long.

What makes Portibi Farms so amazing?

You can be as active here as you wish. Climb a mountain, hike to a waterfall, get a farm tour, help out in the kitchen or do absolutely nothing. It’s all completely up to you. There are board games, a huge music collection, and books and magazines to choose from. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure. Portibi Farms is a place to relax, unwind and leave all your troubles behind.

lobby lodges ekologica portibi farms
Books, games, instruments, music, all ready to enjoy.
ravioli cooking portibi farms indonesia
Assisting for tonights dinner.

Sleeping with the sound of nature

As nature is one of the most important foundations at Portibi Farms, both in a way of enjoying it, learning from it and giving back to it, it seems pretty logic that your room will be surrounded by it as well. Portibi Farms is not like a standard hotel in that way. The rooms are scattered around the premises, each with an incredible view over the valley and plenty of privacy caused by the beautiful forest. With open air bathrooms and very comfy beds, it’s easy to give your body some rest here.

room lodges ekologica portibi farms
One of the dreamy houses surrounded by jungle.
bedroom lodges ekologika portibi farms
room view lodges ekologica portibi farms

The Mokum Food Club

There’s one thing in particular that needs to be mentioned here, ‘cause Portibi Farms knows a thing or 100 about cooking up good food. I can almost start calling this blog the Mokum Food Club, as I notice I’m talking food here in every story sooner or later. Well, so I am now again. We simply cannot NOT mention the food here. Fish from the BBQ, Indonesian satay, homemade ravioli, delicious salads, pancakes for breakfast… this really is my kinda place. The fun thing is they enjoy teaching you a thing or two, which made me ending up in the kitchen making ravioli for the first time in my life.

satay food lodges ekologica portibi farms
Satay skewers for the win.
food lodges ekologica at portibi farms
So, so, so delicious.
cooking ravioli portibi farms java
There’s a first time for everything.

Eat, sleep, relax, repeat

So, if there’s one thing you should definitely do when traveling around Java, it’s pampering yourself at Portibi Farms. There aren’t many places as tranquil, relaxing and unique as Lodges Ekologika. Your host Jocean is a champ with a big love for good wine (which is very rare to find around Asia!), delicious food, great tunes and awesome stories, so make sure to join him for an evening filled with laughter at the Pacifist Cannibals Lounge (aka bar). Portibi Farms is such a magical place, which makes you extend your stay in a heartbeat.


For questions or bookings visit their website here.

garden portibi farms java
bar portibi farms lodges ekologica java
The famous Pacifist Cannibale Lounge.
view java at lodges ekologica at portibi farms
Only pretty views, promised.
restaurant portibi farms java
Best place in the house. Delicious food served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
papaya tree at Portibi farms
Fresh fruits all over the place.
garden lodges ekologica at Portibi farms
Feel free to help a bit in one of Portibi’s fruit and vegetable gardens.
Portibi Farms Lodges Ekologica view
flowers garden Lodges Ekologica Java
breakfast at Portibi Farms Java
Delicious breakfasts.
restaurant at Lodges Ekologica at Portibi Farms
Beautiful restaurant at Portibi Farms
gado gado lunch Lodges Ekologica at Portibi Farms
dinner restaurant lodges Ekologica at Portibi Farms
Cozy family style dinners.
indonesian food at Portibi Farms Java
jungle room at Lodges Ekologica Portibi Farms
Our beautiful room surrounded by jungle.
room portibi farms java
bathroom Lodges Ekologica Portibi Farms Java
Outdoor bathroom.
dog Portibi Farms Java
Cutest puppy running around.
jungle room portibi farms java

Photos by: M. Barends & J. Roeland©.