Desa Seni: yoga heaven in Canggu

As I’m writing this it’s our very last morning at Desa Seni. I’m still in one the most comfiest and romantic beds of our trip and the rain is pouring down on our roof. I was supposed to do sunrise yoga at this very moment.. but the sound of the rain kept me in bed. As a Dutch girl we normally hate rain (we get to see too much of it), but somehow I actually love it here in Indonesia.

desa seni canggu swimmingpool bali
Peace, love and coconuts is all you need.
rooms desa seni canggu bali
Moving in today…

One of a kind

Desa Seni is a special place. Every time we walk around here we say to each other, ‘this really is one of the prettiest places we’ve been’. The winding little pathways lead you through gardens full of local produce. Colorful lanterns and Balinese umbrellas color up every single corner. All the rooms are antique wooden Indonesian houses, one even more charming than the other. And the pool is the BF’s favorite so far, a salt water one of almost olympic size. Better for you and the world. This seems to be the overall theme at Desa Seni, trying to leave as little of a footprint as possible on this world while taking extremely good care of their guests.

sunrise desa seni canggu bali
Sunrise hour
room desa seni canggu bali
This bed is so comfy…

Personal care

One of the things that really strikes me as amazing is the personal care at Desa Seni. Everyone who works here knows you’re name, greeting you with a big smile and asking you about your day. Every morning we get a beautifully organized prayer box in front of our house with a small note of wisdom, and every night our room is made ready-to-sleep. Those are the things that stand out. It’s not often while traveling you end up in places where everything is so personal.

offer desa seni canggu
How beautiful is this offer?

Desa Seni yoga heaven

As much as Desa Seni is just a safe haven to relax, there’s also lots to do. Desa Seni made a name over the years because of their yoga. There are several classes on offer differing in levels and styles. Besides the regular vinyasa and hatha yoga, they offer some more adventurous classes as well. This is how I ended up at an Flyhigh Yoga class, which kind of looks like being with the circus and pretty much impossible, but turned out to be so nice! I got such good stretches out of it, way more than I normally do when doing yoga, and it looked pretty bad ass if I may say so myself.

yoga class desa seni canggu bali

flyhigh yoga class desa seni canggu bali
Lesson 1 of Fly High Yoga, believe me.. everyone can do this!

Don’t miss out

As if doing yoga isn’t enough on the zen scale, there’s a beautiful spa to take your zen vibes to the next level. There are different treatments available ranging from a mani/pedi to chakra therapy to the best massages and full body treatments. With Western and Eastern techniques, natural products and specialists from all over the world I can assure you your body, mind and soul will be all aligned with the stars again. The only thing left to maximize your inner and outer happiness is eating, and even that is covered more than well at Desa Seni.

offer desa seni spa canggu bali

spa desa seni canggu bali
I’m such a sucker for massages and the one at Desa Seni was just heavenly.
food desa seni canggu bali
Lunch is served. Round one to be exact, more to come.

A place for the senses

Maybe words can’t do it justice how amazing Desa Seni is, but I’m pretty sure the photos will convince you. So if you’re planning a visit to Bali, go check this place out. Whether it’s just for the amazing yoga lessons, their Spa, their restaurant, or to stick around for a bit, Desa Seni is definitely a must visit. It’s refreshing to take a pause, breath and really look around for a moment and absorb the smells, the sights, the sounds and the flavors that surround you. Don’t we all need to do that a little more often? Desa Seni, I can’t wait to see you again.


For more info and bookings check their website here.

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Desa Seni swimmingpool canggu bali

garden plants desa seni canggu bali

house room desa seni canggu bali
Our cute little house

door room desa seni canggu bali

desa seni room canggu bali

bathroom desa seni canggu bali

bed desa seni canggu bali
So many details at Desa Seni, like those beautiful sarongs
desa seni cat canggu bali
Meet our new friend!
desa seni garden canggu bali
How incredibly lush and green is this place?

hindu offer garden desa seni canggu

dinner restaurant desa seni canggu
I think I’ve eaten for a village at Desa Seni, too much delicious food

desa seni garden at night canggu bali

garden desa seni bali umbrella canggu

garden desa seni vegetables canggu bali
Almost 80% of the menu at Desa Seni consists of their own produce
avocado toast breakfast desa seni canggu bali
The avocado toast 2.0
pancakes breakfast desa seni canggu bali
Normally I always try out different things, but these pancakes I just couldn’t resist taking three mornings in a row.
yoga desa seni canggu bali
The yoga “temple” surrounded by greens

flower bath desa seni canggu

spa desa seni garden canggu bali
Whether you stay at Desa Seni or not, the spa is a must try!

oils spa desa seni canggu bali

desa seni spa massage canggu bali
Isn’t this the most beautiful place for a massage?
swimming pool breakfast desa seni canggu bali
I could wake up like this every morning

palmtree desa seni canggu bali

desa seni garden by night canggu bali
A fairytale at night

Photos by: M. Barends & J. Roeland©

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