Work with us

Work with us

How can we collaborate?

We’d love to work with you and create a relationship that’s beneficial for all parties involved, including our readers. We offer different forms of collaborating, but are always open to any ideas that aren’t listed below.


Let us bring your destination or brand to life! Since we truly believe in helping each other out, we love to help you to expand your audience and attract loyal travelers. You can always contact us to review your hotel, restaurant, bar, retreat, product or experience. We will test it and write an honest review based on our experience.

Media Trips

Invite us and take us along to old and new destinations! We can showcase your destination on our blog and social media. We will write rich and engaging content throughout our trip combined with colorful and bright photography to really capture your destination and make our readers enthusiastic to follow our footsteps!

Sponsored Posts

We are always on the lookout for new and unique travel experiences or products, that will make traveling more exciting, easier, lighter or smarter. If you’d like to promote your new product or experience we can write a post telling our audience all about it. Through the use of storytelling and photography the article will be promoted across all our social media channels and will be featured on our front page for a fixed period of time.

Brand Ambassadors

Are you a brand with the same passion for traveling and surfing as us and looking for a longterm representation of your brand? Shoot us an email and tell us why your brand suits the surfer and travel lifestyle.

Contests & Giveaways

Everyone loves a little competition now and then, especially when there’s something to win. If you’d like to promote your product or service and like to do this in an original way, we are always up for a bit of a contest. It’s the perfect way for start-up businesses to enhance awareness and get your message to likeminded people.

Content Creators & Photography

Are you looking for professional photos or video of your accommodation or experience? We shoot bright colorful pictures and are always looking for new projects.


We don’t have a lot of free space on our website but if the product or service is right and fits our mission perfectly, maybe we could work together! Contact us and find out what the possibilities are.

We do have to say that we are picky in who we collaborate with. We will always give our honest opinion and will only work with brands that we love ourselves as well. As long as your products/services suits what we stand for and what our audience loves, feel free to contact us! In the end, it has to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, including our readers.

Social Media

We have over 15.000 social media fans interested in surf-travel! (Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest)

Previous Collaborations

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