We’d love to work with you and create a relationship that’s beneficial for all parties involved, including our readers.  From our website to our social media channels to the interaction we have with other travelers and surfers, we can help promote and increase your brand’s exposure to our niche audience. We specialize in content creation through photography, videography, drone footage, and storytelling on our website and social media. We offer different forms of collaborations but are always open to any ideas that aren’t listed below.


There’s nothing as valuable as a word in the grapevine. The places or products that are recommended to you by your friends, family, or like-minded people around you, will most likely stick in your mind. At Mokum Surf Club we believe in genuine recommendations of our experiences with brands, hoping to inspire our readers.

Sunset at Malibu Popoyo Nicaragua
Casa Comunal living room Bocas del Toro

You can always contact us to review your hotel, restaurant, bar, retreat, product, or experience. We can offer you social media exposure, blog features, or exclusive blog articles. We will always write an honest review based on our experience with your brand.

View at Art Villas in Uvita Costa Rica

Press Trips & Social Media Trips

Since storytelling is what we love to do, we can help you tell your story through visuals and text. From tourism boards to travel companies, we can showcase your destination on our blog and social media. If you invite us to your destination we will create engaging content throughout the trip and quality online exposure afterward. We can increase your destination awareness among your target group with continual content marketing.

Sponsored Posts

We are always on the lookout for new and unique travel experiences or products, that will make traveling more exciting, easier, lighter, or smarter. If you’d like to promote your product or experience we can write an article telling our audience all about it. Through the use of storytelling, photography, and videography, the article will be promoted across all our social media channels and will be featured on our front page for a fixed period of time. Your website and social channels will be tagged and linked, in order to increase your brand awareness and Google ranking.

Riad Yasmine in Marrakech
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Brand Ambassadors

Are you a brand with the same passion for traveling, surfing, and sustainability as us and looking for a long-term representation of your brand? Shoot us an email and tell us why your brand suits the surfer and travel lifestyle.

Activation Campaigns

Do you have a new product, brand, or experience to launch? No better way to do it, than with an exciting social media campaign. We can help you organize creative social media campaigns, in order to enhance awareness and get your message to like-minded people.

Content Creators

Photography & Videography

Aerial drone footage, 4K promotion videos, 15 second Instagram clips, product or destination photography. You name it, we’ll make it. We’ll be able to create visual content for your brand that can be used both online and offline. Please check out our MSC Creative Agency for more info or send us a message.

surfer girl bicycle rancho burica punta banco
sunset beach Punta Banco Costa Rica
Beach restaurant Island Plantation Bocas del Toro
Drone photo of Bocas del Drago Panama
Bocas del Toro boat trip panama


We don’t have a lot of free space on our website but if the product or service is right and fits our mission perfectly, maybe we could work together! Contact us and find out what the possibilities are


Social Media

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Feel free to contact us!