Great minds think alike people say. And sometimes you come across people who have the exact same ideas about certain subjects like you do. This is how I got to meet Dennis, a guy from Amsterdam as well with the same love and passion for surfing and the surfer lifestyle. Taking every opportunity to go traveling and find the best surfing gems in the world. With that idea in mind, he started No riding no life, where he takes like-minded travelers along to surf and enjoy the surfer lifestyle.

Livin' the surfer life with No Riding No Life

So off we went, with a group of surfer addicts to be, to Praia da Tocha, Portugal. One of those gems where the waves are still practically empty, the sun still shines bright in October and the food served just got out of the ocean that very morning. Going on this surf trip with No Riding No Life is not just another surf camp. Surfing is the keyword this week and getting you on that board or improving your skills is the main goal. So surfing lessons every day, yoga sessions three times a week, surfer breakfasts, and a lot of surf talk. Together with an awesome (but small!) group of people, mixed in levels, we were off on an adventure.

sunset surf session no riding no life praia da tocha portugal
sunrise view beach praia do cabedelo portugal

Sunrise surf sessions

We had a lot of sunrise surfs, which to me are the perfect way to wake up. I’m definitely not a morning person, but I don’t mind setting my alarm for stunning sunrises and glassy empty lineups. So that was exactly what we did nearly every morning. Searching for perfect waves in other spots like Praia do Cabedelo and Praia Mira, which were just as deserted as the line up of Praia da Tocha. It was so good to be back in the water again, especially with some guidance to improve my skills.


Part of the surfer lifestyle experience is also the yoga lessons. For balance and flexibility yoga is the perfect workout to add to surfing. Depending on the weather (and the wind) the lessons take place on the beach or at a more shaded place in the village. The yoga sessions were so good for our sore muscles after surfing, and with the sun setting, you couldn’t feel more zen.

yoga session praia da tocha beach ticket2surf portugal
ticket2surf hostel praia da tocha portugal

Ticket 2 Surf

We stayed at Ticket 2 Surf, which by the way is also a very nice place to stay if you’re in the area any other time of the year. Offering both private rooms and dorms, Ticket 2 Surf got something for everyone. Brian and Claudia are the perfect hosts, taking good care of you and more than helpful to find all the treasures in the area. Besides that, the place is just a hop and a skip from the beach. Sounds perfect, right?

Wanna come along?

Lucky for you, there will be more No Riding No Life surf trips in the future. Wanna become a surfer babe or dude? Rocking those waves like there’s no tomorrow? I can highly recommend keeping an eye on the No Riding No Life travel plans, and tag along when they pop up with another surf trip. Check them out on Facebook to stay up to date and get bitten by the surfer bug.


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Photos by: M. Barends, L. Veldman, S. Klumper©

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