Buenos Aires city guide: Steaks and tango

Driven by a world of wonders it’s time for a new adventure. A big one this time; South America! This one has been on my bucket list for quite a while now, ever since I figured I had to travel the world and my family still called me Paris Hilton (who definitely doesn’t do backpacking). First destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina. Not so much surf, but I have a feeling it does have an overload of adventures to offer. City of the tango, steaks, red wine and dulce de leche; according to those stereotypes I love it already.

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Buenos Aires neighborhoods

While staying at a party hostel in the centre of town I can definitely say the adventure has started. I spent my days wandering the streets of areas like La Boca, Recoleta, San Telmo and Palermo, each having their very own identities. La Boca being so colorful (and very very touristy) with its street artists dancing the tango everywhere, bright colonial houses, street art, and of course home to the local and most popular soccer club; Bocas Juniors. San Telmo is the place to be on Sundays. It’s main street changes into one big market filled with craftsmanship, the best smelling parillas (steakhouses) and music everywhere (people could seriously win Idols).

san telmo sunday market street artists buenos aires
The Sunday San Telmo market fills the streets with music
Street art san telmo buenos aires argentina
The beautiful street art of San Telmo

In love with Palermo..

Recoleta and Palermo on the contrary are so completely different. Recoleta has this beautiful cemetery where the grave of Evita Duarte-Peron the main attraction is. Surprisingly her grave is real modest compared to the absurdly huge mausoleums build here. Walking around this peaceful place in the middle of the craziness of Buenos Aires is actually the best. Palermo, however, is my favorite neighborhood I must say. The cobblestone streets are filled with shops of local designers and the nicest restaurants and bars. I almost felt like a local having dinner at Don Julio’s, sipping red wine on the street and eating the best steak at 11pm. Could Buenos Aires be any more perfect?

Never enough time…

Buenos Aires has so much to offer, there’s never enough time to discover it all. After staying here for a week I can definitely say I have to get back and learn the tango properly (fluent Spanish might come in handy as well), indulge in all the parillas and wander the streets of Palermo and San Telmo. Buenos Aires, it was so nice to meet you, hopefully we’ll meet again soon.


Street art palermo buenos aires argentina
Street art in Palermo
Recoleta Buenos Aires
Wandering through Recoleta

street vender buenos aires

japanese gardens buenos aires
The Japanese Gardens in central Buenos Aires
street art san telmo buenos aires
Street art in San Telmo
market stand car san telmo buenos aires
Anything for sale on the San Telmo market

Homeless man street art buenos aires

street art restaurant la boca buenos aires
Eating with the Gods on the streets of La Boca
Corner street shop palermo Buenos Aires
Fruit stalls on every corner in Palermo
Street art gallery Buenos Aires
Not just the city of steaks and tango, but also of creativity
Tomb Eva Perron recoleta cemetery Buenos Aires
The Recoleta cemetery
Colorful houses la boca Buenos Aires argentina
La Boca
la boca buenos aires
La bocas’ colorful streets
Music band San Telmo market buenos aires argentina
The streets of San Telmo are filled with talented street artists
Street food barbecue Buenos Aires argentina
Don’t forget to try the proper Argentinian delicacy: a Choripan!
Grave Evita Perron recoleta cemetary Buenos Aires argentina
The Recoleta cemetery
Evita perron grave sign recoleta cemetary buenos aires argentina
The grave of Evita Duarte-Peron

street art san telmo buenos aires

Pink house buenos aires argentina
The pink house; the presidents’ residency
Photos by: M. Barends ©

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