Chobe National Park: where elephants rule the world

Africa is scattered with stunning game reserves, but if there’s one you shouldn’t miss it would be Chobe National Park. In the north of Botswana this national park is home to the biggest elephant population of whole Southern Africa. Besides elephants, Chobe National Park will let you experience the habitats of giraffe, lions, leopards, hippos, baboons and loads of impalas. No shortage on wildlife or on the ultimate safari adventure!

elephant herd chobe national park botswana
Meet the family

botswana chobe national park lion cub

Just an ordinary day in Chobe National Park

It’s not only the great variety in wildlife that makes this park so special, but also the variety in how to visit. Of course you can take the well known game drive. This will definitely give you the possibility to see all of the big five and more. But if you want to experience Chobe properly you should definitely both take the car and the boat. Due to the Zambezi river crossing right through the park, you can experience the game reserve from another point of view. Hippos wander through the fields, like cows do in Holland. Alligators just chill meters from our boat and herds of elephants play along the river banks. Just an ordinary day in Botswana. Do take the boat trip at the end of the afternoon, cause you’ll be treated to amazing African sunsets!

crocodile chobe river national park botswana
This big friend was literally within arms lenght… Dare to play crocodile dentist?
chobe national park river boat trip botswana
On the Chobe river.. Although we got thunderstorms instead of sunsets, it was just as stunning!
hippo chobe national park botswana
Seriously, this is how Dutch cows walk around…

Where to eat, where to sleep?

While staying in Kasane, the gateway to Chobe National Park, there are many accommodation options. You can properly splurge at one of the many tented camps or boutique style hotels, but if you are on a budget I can highly suggest the Thebe River Lodge. We camped here, had lots of (shaded) space and a perfect pool to cool down after a long day in the African bush. There are cooking facilities on the campgrounds, but if you feel like sitting back and eating good food try The Old HouseJust a walk down the road you will find this place. A really nice restaurant with seriously good burgers and a view over the Chobe river.

thebe river lodge camping chobe kasane botswana
Our little camping getaway
elephant chobe national park botswana
Hi there!

African adventures

Those African days suit me well I have to say. It’s true adventure time with all those wild animals around us, sleeping in a tent under skies full of stars. I don’t know if you can get any closer to nature. Meanwhile people are already making fun of us driving an Opel Corsa through the African wilderness, not getting their head around the fact we’ve made it all the way from Durban. Yes, we are happy campers, that’s for sure.


elephants chobe national park botswana
Like it’s the most normal thing in the world… elephant crossing!
game drive chobe national park lions botswana
We saw so many different animals during our gamedrive.. but those two lions cubs where definitely the best!

lion cubs chobe national park botswana

giraffe chobe national park botswana safari

animal skeleton tree chobe national park botswana
The leftovers of a leopards dinner…
lion paw print chobe national park botswana
In search of leopards, lions or cheetahs…
river chobe national park botswana
Chobe National Park
kingfisher chobe national park botswana
Chobe is well known for its kingfishers
bird crocodile chobe river national park botswana
Quite the daredevil…

elephants botswana chobe national park

lion cub chobe national park botswana

hippos chobe national park botswana
We saw so many hippos during our river cruise
dinner chobe national park botswana
Someone’s feast…
safe sex ad chobe national park botswana
Just so you know…
kingfisher bird botswana chobe national park
Ready, steady, go!
bird chobe national park botswana
The Chobe river

fish eagle chobe national park botswana

Photos by: M. Barends, J. Roeland ©

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