Karma Surf Retreat: escaping winter blues in Morocco

We gotta admit something. We got the Africa fever. Not just a little bit, but a lot. After spending months in Southern Africa, this continent had us blown away. So you can only imagine how excited I got when I got invited by Karma Surf Retreat to join them on a week of surfing and yoga fun in Morocco. Morocco to me is like living in a 1001 night fairytale. Whether desperately wanting to be Jasmine of Aladdin or pimping my bedroom like a proper Moroccan tea house, this eastern vibe got to me from a very young age. So Essaouira, I’m coming for ya!

essaouira medina karma surf retreat shops
Essaouira’s medina is covered with colorful shops
fishing boat essaouira karma surf retreat
The characteristic blue fisher boats of Essaouira

Welcome to Essaouira

A warm welcome, a quick run through the maze of the old medina and there we are, our beautiful stay for the week. A very colorful and artistic riad with charming rooms and a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The riad is in the middle of the medina, with the souks just down the street. Due to its location near the ocean however, you can hear the waves and seagulls and enjoy its tranquility. Best of both worlds, right? Your hosts during the retreat, Yassine and Melanie, will take great care of you. The moment you enter the raid you’ll feel so welcome by these two. Any question, any request, they are more than happy to help you out with it (including modeling for photos).

rooftop terrace riad dar adul karma surf retreat essaouira
Can you imagine having breakfast and sundowners here?

Surf’s up with Karma Surf Retreat

This week is all about surfing and yoga, and I’m pretty sure I must be completely fit and zen at the end of this week with Karma Surf Retreat. With plenty of hours in the water and yoga twice a day this goal cannot be missed. What a day looks like at Karma Surf Retreat? Well, what do you think about early morning yoga lessons to wake and shake you up a bit. Then stumble on to this huge amazing (vegetarian) breakfast and stuff your face. Believe me, you will. Off to the beach we go, which is chosen depending on the wave conditions. My favorite part of the day! Whether we road trip up and down the coast looking for waves, or just stick to Essaouira beach, it all feels like a treat. I love discovering new beaches!

yoga lesson karma surf retreat essaouira dar adul
Good morning world…
surfing karma surf retreat essaouira beach ocean
Happy as a champ
view beach surfing moulay karma surf retreat
Checking out the waves in Moulay. Literally no one in the water!
surfing lesson sidi kaouki camels beach karma surf retreat
Surf lessons at Sidi Kaouki

Om shanti om

Of course, after all that hard work the muscles will be sore. But thank god we had Jenn, our yoga teacher. You thought you already had your fix this morning? No no no, we do sunset sessions as well! On the rooftop of our riad or on beachfront decks, one way or another you will hear the ocean and see the sun going down while practicing your downward dog. The day flies by, and at the end that well deserved lamb tajine is all you need.

karma surf retreat surfing lesson essaouira
Party waves during the surf lessons
yoga karma surf retreat dar adul essaouira
Sunset yoga sessions on our rooftop

When in Morocco…

For those who get a little bit scared by all this active talk, don’t worry guys. It’s not only surfing and yoga that’s the order of the day. Melanie took us to a traditional hammam which is relaxing and all but, believe me, quite the adventure. No tourists around, just two mamas washing and scrubbing you like it is supposed to go. I don’t wanna spoil to much here, but please, if you get a chance, do it. This memory will stay with you forever. To stick with Moroccan traditions we also had tajine cooking classes from Ahmed, the tajine king. After eating that you too will succumb bringing a true Moroccan tajine back home and probably never use it again. But hey, that’s what souvenirs are for!

spices medina essaouira karma surf retreat

medina shopping essaouira karma surf retreat
Getting lost in the medina

Bye bye cold winter days

This week with Karma Surf Retreat really was the perfect getaway. Wanna run away from that winter blues too? Than Morocco is definitely your go to place. Recharge your battery at Karma Surf Retreat eating deliciously healthy food, doing yoga, surfing and absorb some vitamine D. Let Essaouira charm you with its beautiful little streets, tempting shops, friendly people and many great restaurants. At the end of it you’ll start wondering if you just couldn’t do this every month… 


Check out their website for bookings since there are many more retreats coming up… 

karma surf retreat lesson sidi kaouki morocco

surfing essaouira beach karma surf retreat

karma surf retreat surfing lesson sidi kaouki

sidi kaouki surfing beach karma surf retreat
Off to catch some waves

surfboards karma surf retreat essaouira

essaouira people beach karma surf retreat
Perfect spot for afternoon naps
sunrise rooftop terrace dar adul karma surf retreat essaouira
Gorgeous sunrises waking up at 7am

medina essaouira shops karma surf retreat

karma surf retreat lesson sidi kaouki beach
Surf lessons at Sidi Kaouki beach
beach sidi kaouki karma surf retreat morocco
Beach life Sidi Kaouki style

moulay surfing lesson karma surf retreat

sidi kaouki beach view karma surf retreat
The beautiful beach of Sidi Kaouki

surfing lessons sidi kaouki karma surf retreat morocco

surfing sidi kaouki lesson karma surf retreat

camel beach essaouira karma surf retreat
Not in the mood for rides today…
sunset essaouira karma surf retreat
Picture perfect sunsets
yoga lesson riad dar adul essaouira karma surf retreat
Yoga lessons at the riad
salesman essaouira medina karma surf retreat
Sippin’ mint tea and getting lured into buying half the shop
fish market essaouira karma surf retreta
You’ll eat the best fish in Essaouira
sunset restaurant taros karma surf retreat essaouira
What a great spot for sundowners, right?
beach kitesurfing windsurfing karma surf retreat essaouira
On windy days Essaouira beach definitely is the place to be for surfers, kite surfers, windsurfers and well.. camels
essaouira beach karma surf retreat lessons
Surfinstructor/poser… girls getting ready!
karma surf retreat riad dar adul essaouira
Rooftop views
windsurfing karma surf retreat essaouira beach
Practice makes perfect…
surfing lesson sidi kaouki karma surf retreat
This girls is kicking some ass here!

sidi kaouki beach surfer karma surf retreat

beach essaouira camels kitesurfing karma surf retreat
Sunset sessions with baby waves

Photos by: M. Barends

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