San Sebastian; sharing our 5 favorite things

San Sebastian, the city of surfing and food. My two favorite things in the world, which makes it no surprise that San Sebastian might just be one of my favorite cities in Europe. The two combined will keep me busy for days, if not weeks or months, or maybe just forever. Since the rest of the world thinks Barcelona and Madrid are the places to be in Spain, San Sebastian is also quite undiscovered and you won’t be stumbling over tourists at all. To convince you to visit this beautiful city in the Basque country, I’ll share with you a few of my favorites…

donostia san sebastian playa concha beach spain

Playa de la Concha

1. Favorite thing to do

Like a said, the city of food and surfing. Playa Zurriola is the most well known beach literally in San Sebastian for surfing. Make sure you go here early mornings or for sunset sessions, cause during the day this beach is just as much a tanning and flaunting beach as it is a surf beach. Therefore it might be a bit more of a mission to avoid the crowd. With a beach break, both right and left-handers, and multiple peaks, there’s something for everyone.

playa zurriola surfing beach san sebastian spain

Playa Zurriola

2. Favorite Bar

I spend a few summers working on a surf camp in Vieux Boucau and every tuesday it was San Sebastian day! While we girls we’re mostly excited to get our ZARA fix, the boys found a spot to drinks some beers. And what a spot it was. Baptized Spot X so not to many people would find out about it, this little bar on Mount Urgull became everyone’s favorite place to hang out on those Tuesdays (I might be in trouble for sharing this with you guys…).  This probably is the most basic bar of San Sebastian, but the view definitely makes up for it. It doesn’t matter at which moment of the day you visit this little hideaway (it’s very hidden, so don’t give up if you can’t find it right away), cause the views over San Sebastian and its beautiful bay will blow you away any time.

best bar san sebastian monte urgull view spain

Bar without a name…


But with stunning views


Sundowners at Monte Urgull

3. Favorite restaurant

I do have a soft spot for little bars with stunning views. But there’s more to San Sebastian than that. San Sebastian is the food capital of Spain (and seriously competing for this title in Europe) with loads of Michelin star restaurants. Not that you have to visit those to eat well, because the city is covered with bars and restaurants that will serve you amazing food for just a dime. Every time I go back to San Sebastian I try to find new places to eat, but there’s one spot I just refuse to skip; Atari Gastroteka! Not only do they serve amazing food (both pintxos and serious dishes like pulpo, and cote de boeuf), but the place turns into a very fun and buzzling bar as well. Is the place to crowded? Get your food and crash on the steps of the square in front of it… Enjoy Spanish life as it is supposed to be. 

food atari gastroteka pintxos donostia san sebastian restaurant spain

Delicious pintxos at Atari Gastroteka

food atari gastroteka pintxos restaurant san sebastian spain

Try the foie gras… it just melts in your mouth

4. Favorite view

It is quite the climb, but so worth it. Go up to Mount Urgull for the most stunning views over San Sebastian and the basque country. Do take the scenic route up so you get a glimpse of the bays around San Sebastian as well. After you climbed your way to the top, seen the 360 views, walk slightly down and get a well deserved drink at our favorite bar mentioned earlier. 

San sebastian view bay ocean mount urgull spain

View from Monte Urgull

view san sebastian beach basque country spain

San Sebastian and the Basque Country

sunset monte urgull view ocean san sebastian spain

Stunning sunsets at Monte Urgull

view monte urgull donostia san sebastian spain

Even cloudy days will treat you with great views

5. Favorite neighborhood

A proper tourist attraction, but not without reason. The old historic town of San Sebastian is a maze of narrow streets filled with bars and restaurants where the wine is poured all day long and the delicious pintxos will make you hungry even just after breakfast. If you’re visiting San Sebastian, make sure you stay in this neighborhood so you can crawl back home after too much food and sangria.

plaza constitucion san sebastian square spain

Plaza Constitucion

San Sebastian days

Hopefully we got you inspired with our favorites. San Sebastian really got it all. Beaches, history, beautiful architecture, amazing food, good waves and such friendly people. Indulge in the Spanish lifestyle with late night dinners, big lunches, lots of dancing and great Rioja wine. You got more favorites for us? We would love you to share them with us, since I guess we’ll be back pretty soon again. Hasta luego!



view san sebastian city sunset monte urgull spain

Golden hour

view city walk monte urgull san sebastian spain

A little sneak peek during our hike up Monte Urgull

view beach ocean monte urgull san sebastian spain

The other side of Monte Urgull

sunset view monte urgull san sebastian spain

san sebastian river gros city spain

San Sebastian is well known for its theatrical bridges


plaza constitucion houses donostia san sebastian spain

beach playa concha san sebastian spain

Playa de la Concha

food pintxos restaurant san sebastian donostia spain

Pintxos all day every day

view streets ocean san sebastian spain

view monte urgull sunset beer san sebastian spain

san sebastian city view beach ocean spain

City views

san sebastian architecture city spain

plaza constitucion houses donostia san sebastian spain

san sebastian streets view spain

San Sebastians old historic centre

san sebastian monte urgull sunset view spain

Photos by: M. Barends, J. Roeland©