We mentioned Ponta do Ouro in our previous post already, warming you up a little bit for this gem of a place. Not very well known among international travelers, Ponta do Oura is mostly a getaway for South Africans since it’s practically on the border.

For such a small village, Ponta has a lot to offer. It’s funny how that works actually. Ponta do Ouro is not a place where you’ll find luxury resorts, plenty of restaurants, or any other form of luxury tourism. That’s exactly why this place is so amazing. The town has put its trust in nature and that’s all you need.

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Back to basics in Ponta Do Ouro

So, you can only get to Ponta do Oura by jeep or quad, since there simply are only sand dunes and a lack of roads which makes it impossible to get there by normal car. This kind of warms you up for Ponta’s life. There’s no supermarket, only one cash machine that only works with VISA cards (which I didn’t have… ) and when thunder comes in, electricity goes out. But hey, who needs any of this when you just arrived in paradise? Throw out those shoes (yes, even flip-flops), walk around in your bathing suit for about 24 hours a day (yes, you are allowed to go to the local bar in swimmers at 11 pm), and pick up the Ponta pace.

When the surf's up in Ponta do Ouro

When visiting Ponta do Ouro do take your surfboard with you. It might not be the most trustworthy and constant wave, but when it works, it works. With the right conditions, you can get a 1km ride all the way from the point to the beach, while dolphins are swimming with you. Most likely you got those waves all to yourself since it’s probably just you and a few locals in the lineup.

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Underwater wonderland

When the surf isn’t working there’s a great big ocean to discover. Ponta is well known for its diving and the huge variety of sea life. I went out in the water with diving company Gozo Azul, which I can highly recommend! Great assistance and you only go out in small groups. There are more than 20 off-shore coral reef dive sites with whales, dolphins, mantas, whale sharks, Nemo’s, and turtles living their life in this gorgeous underwater world.

Hello, Mr. Dolphin

Is all of this a bit too much for you? Then book a day with Angie’s Dolphin center. This company is all about protecting the dolphins in the area and meanwhile educating you about how to do this. Waking up early, getting out on the ocean, and getting a chance to swim with those dolphins was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Back in the days I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, I wrote essays about dolphins, and swimming with them was my little girls’ big dream. I can’t even describe how special it was to be in the ocean with a pod of 30 dolphins swimming around me, trying to play with me and hearing them communicating with each other. Seriously, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

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R&R's and BBQ chicken

Ponta do Ouro is one of those places where it’s easy to extend. You definitely won’t need much when enjoying Ponta life. Just some last words of advice. Because you can’t leave Ponta without a night at Fernando’s and an R&R or two (believe me, you don’t want more). Complete the Ponta experience with a burger or BBQ chicken at Lulu’s burger shack next door at the market. Ask the locals, they’ll know what I’m talking about! And at the end of the day, you’ll probably put this perfect little village in your heart.



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Photos by: M. Barends & J. Roeland©

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