Simeulue… have you ever heard of it? I certainly didn’t, that’s for sure. This tropical island is just off the northeast coast of Sumatra and has waves rolling in from almost every corner. The only way of getting to Simeulue Surf Lodges is by jumping on a tiny plane from Medan. In general jumping into tiny planes brings you to great places, so I got a very good feeling about this one.

Simeulue is everything you imagine of a tropical island. Palmtrees swaying in the wind, the smell of the ocean in the air, and pristine white beaches with not a single soul on them. There are not many cars on the island, nor a lot of people, let alone tourists. This really is paradise.

Beach huts are my favorite

The moment we arrive at Simeulue Surf Lodges I go from overly excited to becoming a bit silent because of so much beauty. I think I’ve never seen a place like this. We have a little beach hut right in front of the bright blue ocean, with an open shower where you can hear the waves and the crickets as if they are showering with you. There’s a right-hander (Dylan’s right) right in front of the place, with maybe one or two locals on it on a busy day. This might be one of the best waves on the island, at your doorstep. Although accommodation is basic, everything you need is there. You will be spending most of your time in the water anyways.

Simeulue Surf Lodges in Indonesia
simeulue surf lodges swimming pool sumatra island

Feeding time

During your stay at Simeulue Surf Lodges, you will be taken great care of. Jenny cooks up the most delicious meals, cakes, treats, and smoothies every single day. It really feels like you’re sitting at your mum’s kitchen table getting spoiled while she’s making sure you eat enough. All meals are included in your stay, so that’s one thing less to worry about.

Surf spot at Simeulue Island Indonesia

Uncrowded surf breaks near Simeulue Surf Lodges

There are more surf retreats on Simeulue, but on this side of the island, there are only a few. This means hardly any other surfers on the breaks close to Simeulue Surf Lodges, in contrast to for example the famous break “the Peak”.  And there are quite a few good breaks near Simeulue Surf Lodge. With year-round swells and only light winds blowing, you are in for a treat. Keep an eye on Alus Alus, One Thong, or Dylan’s right, which are the most popular waves on this part of the island. Be aware that almost all breaks on the island are for intermediates and advanced only. With reef breaks almost everywhere, bringing some booties and extra fins/leashes/boards are recommended. While staying at Simeulue Surf Lodges you get your own scooter which you can use during your entire stay with them to cruise around and discover new spots.

Paradise boat trips

If you aren’t satisfied yet on the paradise meter, then definitely book a boat trip to Teabags. This boat trip will take you out to one of the best breaks around Simeulue where you can get your barrel fix. Honestly, I don’t do barrels (yet), so for me, it was just watching the big boys, but it was spectacular indeed. Since you got the boat for the whole day, Teabags doesn’t have to be your only destination. We went off to Pulau Mincau, an uninhabited island with the bluest water and whitest sand I’ve ever seen. Have a stroll around, snorkel a bit, encounter some strange animals and maybe even surf here.

surfing simeulue surf lodges island beach sumatra

Home sweet home

It’s funny how easy you feel at home at Simeulue Surf Lodges. Cruising around on the island on our scooters, searching for waves. Locals waving and smiling at you, children incredibly curious and cheeky using the five English words they know. Hey Mister! Even for us girls. Coming home to delicious food, watching the sunset behind the palm trees while you’re sipping on your coconut in the swimming pool. There’s not a lot you need in life and Simeulue Surf Lodges proves just that. Palmtrees, waves, great food, and good company. Check, check, double-check. Go experience it yourself and enjoy all those little things.


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Simeulue Island Indonesia

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