Svarga Loka: A jungle wellness resort in Ubud

A little pampering now and then doesn’t kill nobody. I mean, don’t we all need a massage once in a while? Or a bit of yoga to let go of all those worries and busy thoughts? And while you’re at it, it might as well be at a top notch location. Can we do a suggestion? What about Svarga Loka in Ubud. An absolute treasure in the hills of Ubud completely focused on your wellbeing.

svarga loka infinity pool ubud jungle bali

Indiana Jones goes soft

So imagine this; a true Indiana Jones setting, with beautiful houses hidden in between the greens of the jungle. Trees that have been growing there for decades are kept intact. In fact, not a single tree was chopped during building Svarga Loka. I can tell you, this is something special in Bali, where the whole island is being taken over by tourism.

There’s a certain calmness around Svarga Loka that makes you forget you’re only a 5 minute walk away from downtown Ubud. At Svarga Loka you hear the river flowing below you, you hear the monkeys howling in the trees and the birds and bees buzzing around you. These calming sounds follow you wherever you go or whatever you do, which makes wandering around Svarga Loka quite soothing.

svarga loka wellness resort lobby ubud
Did you ever see such an impressive lobby?
svarga loka swimming pool ubud
One of the two infinity pools

Svarga Loka lures you in

A setting like Svarga Loka doesn’t need much more to give you an amazing experience. But it didn’t end there. At Svarga Loka they go above and beyond to make you feel at home. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous, with bathrooms overlooking the surrounding jungle and beds so comfy you wish to stay in there way longer than the advised 8 hours of sleep a night. Breakfast is served in their beautiful restaurant with so many very healthy) delicious options you can survive the rest of the day without any other meal. In fact, I think you might need a bit of break at one of the two !!) infinity pools afterwards. I assure you, it will be hard, very hard, to leave this place.

room svarga loka resort ubud bali

Body, mind and soul

It’s all about body, mind and soul at Svarga Loka and you can choose whichever of the three you want to spoil for a bit. Be active or not at all, dive into your deepest thoughts or let them fly out of your head the moment you arrive, it’s all up to you. One way to spoil yourself is with a Balinese Massage, which you can have in one of their open air couple rooms. Best. Thing. Ever. Even if your not staying at Svarga Loka, book yourself into their spa for one of those. I can tell you; you will feel rejuvenated big time.

spa wellness retreat svarga loka ubud

There’s a first for everything and at Svarga Loka it was my first time doing White Crane Martial Arts. I don’t know about you guys, but for me this could have been something in between karate, kung fu and something I had no idea about. It turned out to be the latter. Given by a true Martial Arts legend we practiced some sort of flow of movements, while using every muscle in my body some I didn’t even know existed).

white crane martial arts svarga loka wellness resort ubud
White Crane Martial Arts

Relax and unwind

I’ve noticed here that I’m pretty good at doing nothing. I can totally enjoy the perks of sleeping in a wellness resort and I can totally let go of the urge to see anything other than the insides of a spa or the view from my infinity pool. Nah.. kidding. I do enjoy exploring and I bet the BF will laugh out loud reading the above two sentences. But Svarga Loka did make it really really really easy. So, you’re in for a bit of unwinding and pampering? You know where you gotta go! See you there, I’ll be in the pool!


Would like to find out more about Svarga Loka? For more information or bookings go here.

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svarga loka wellness resort inifinity pool ubud

rice fields ubud bali
Treasures during the morning walk
campuhan ridge walk ubud bali
Happy doggies, happy girl

svarga loka wellness resort ubud rooms


room svarga loka ubud

bathroom svarga loka ubud bali

breakfast svarga loka wellness resort bali

restaurant svarga loka ubud bali
Breaky in between the trees
breakfast svarga loka ubud bali
Little pieces of art for breakfast

infinity pool svarga loka wellness resort ubud bali


svarga loka wellness resort ubud

svarga loka room ubud

svarga loka jungle resort ubud bali
Majestic scenery

svarga loka resort swimming pool ubud bali

campuhan ridge walk bali ubud

svarga loka wellness resort ubud bali

Photos by: M. Barends & J. Roeland©.

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