Dots Bay House: Hiriketiya Bay

In our last post we were talking about this dream of a beach called Hiriketiya. The South coast of Sri Lanka is covered in beautiful beaches, but this one is definitely a winner. The day will fly by surfing, doing yoga or just relaxing, but at the end of the day you do need a bed to sleep in. Though sleeping on the beach with a sky full of stars sounds very tempting (definitely leaving out the sandflies in this hypothetical setting), I would recommend to find your way to Dots Bay House when the sun goes down.

view hiriketiya beach dots bay house paradise sri lanka
Hiriketiya Bay
yoga view hammock dots bay house hiriketiya sri lanka
Imagine doing early morning yoga sessions here..sunrise hiriketiya beach view dots bay house sri lanka

Little piece of paradise

So, have you ever just stumbled across a place (as in literally, I invited myself for a little sneak around) that instantly made you fall in love? Where the hammocks invited you to dive into them and not get out? Where the little restaurant makes you wanna crash down and order everything on the menu? Where the sound of the waves and the songs of the birds are the only thing you hear? Well, I just did and the place is called Dots Bay House in Hiriketiya.

dots bay house beach bar restaurant hiriketiya sri lanka

There’s something about Dots Bay House that makes everyone extend their stay or come back at least three times. Located on the beautiful beach of Hiriketiya, this little boutique style accommodation has something for everyone. Whether you’re traveling on a shoestring or giving yourself a bit of a splurge, both their dorm as their privates will make you feel at home.

dots bay house private room hiriketiya sri lanka

dorm rooms dots bay house hiriketiya sri lanka
The dorm fits six people and due to its open plan gives you a 24/7 seabreeze
private room dots bay house hiriketiya sri lanka
Private room at Dots Bay House

Surf’s up

With Hiriketiya bay in their back yard, Dots Bay House got paradise at their door step. Hiriketiya bay is a 200m horseshoe shaped bay with a surf break that works all year. During the wet season from may till november (which still isn’t really wet) the waves become bigger and stronger, but even the dry months offer you a fine point break for the more advanced and the perfect setting for the beginner surfer. Combine this with early morning yoga sessions at Dots and you are feeling beyond zen before it’s even noon.

surfing hiriketiya beach paradise sri lanka

beach bar restaurant dots bay house hiriketiya sri lanka
Delicious fresh juices, tasty cocktails and an amazing vibe
lobsters dinner food bbq dots bay house hiriketiya sri lanka
Lobster for dinner

Food food food.. all day every day please

As if this isn’t enough already, the food at Dots Bay House is amazing. Whether it’s their local dishes, fresh seafood or to-die-for banana french toast, it’s all finger-licking good. As they only work with fresh and local products it’s a lot of seafood in combination with local delicacies. Their menu might be changing, but if you get a chance try their seafood kebab and their curry.. so so tasty!

Where to find Dots?

So, are you sold? They offer surf and yoga packages for both groups and solo travelers, but even when you just want to do nothing and eat, this is your spot! You can find and book Dots Bay House on Facebook or AirBnB.  

Lucky for you… In the near future this won’t be the only ‘Dot’ in Sri Lanka. Give it a bit of time and this place will put its mark on more special places in this beautiful country. Keep an eye on them and just follow the Dots…


wall marks dots bay house mokum surf club hiriketiya sri lanka
Leaving our marks…
hiriketiya bay beach paradise sri lanka
Isn’t she the prettiest?rooms dots bay house hiriketiya sri lanka
hiriketiya bay surfing sri lanka
Sunrise, sunset or just midday surf
view hiriketiya beach ocean sunset dots bay house sri lanka
When the light turns golden…
surfboard hiriketiya beach sri lanka
I spy with my little eye something beginning with an… S!
beach bar restaurant dots bay house sri lanka hiriketiya
The little restaurant of Dots Bay House serves up amazing meals and turns into the perfect meeting place for orther travelers and their travel stories
breakfast dots bay house hiriketiya beach food sri lanka
This french toast…
seafood grill bbq food hiriketiya dots bay house sri lanka
Seafood kebab and sweet potato fries.. nom nom nomsurfboards dots bay house garden hiriketiya sri lankasurfing beach hiriketiya bay sri lanka

Photos by: M. Barends ©

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