Since our car, Walter had some troubles we figured we needed a little break within a vacation. Together with our Israeli wolfpack, we decided to visit Pucon in Chile (map). Known especially for the Villarrica (a beautiful volcano which you can climb till the top) and its midnight hot springs. Together with the way better weather forecast (always a Dutchie; follow the sun!), the decision was made pretty quickly. Off we go!

Pucon adventures

As soon as we arrived though, we heard that the big attraction of this town, the Villarrica, was closed because of volcanic activity (it smoked!!). Thank god this town has way more to offer than just that. Pucon is well known for its thrill-seeking activities, and climbing the Villarica is just one of them. So if you like your extreme sports, then Pucon is your Mecca. Pucon has the second biggest waterfalls in the world to repel down from. This means hanging above a 150-meter waterfall wishing you’ll touch ground safely. Go big or go home right? Rainforest everywhere, the Villarrica in the background, and multiple rainbows crossing the waterfall. Believe me, repelling down gives you such an adrenaline kick!

Repelling down waterfalls in Pucon Chile
White water rafting in Pucon Chile

The Fast and the Furious

If heights aren’t really your thing, but you do like a good adventure, then rafting the Trancura river is worth a try! Surrounded by lush mountains, it’s not only thrilling but also absolutely gorgeous. Both beginners and more advanced rafters can eat their hearts out here. We did some proper class 3 rafting, which was lots of fun. Good rapids, screaming girls, and some cliff jumping all included. Life in Pucon is good I must say.

The Pucon Color Run

To top this amazing week off we finished with the color run. We didn’t do a lot of running (400m instead of 5km to be exact…), but we definitely contributed to the color part. Feeling like a little kid covered in paint and harassing others to make sure they got just as covered. This is better than a dress-up party. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end at some point, and so did our little Pucon retreat. Heading back to Argentina to pick up Walter and continue our road trip down south. Bring on the cold and hikes, I’m ready!


Colorrun Chili pucon girls group

Photos by: M. Barends ©

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