So we spend a lot of time sightseeing and sniffing up culture, and we couldn’t wait to go to the beach. Jumping into another filled-to-the-top bus to the South East of Sri Lanka should bring us there. Practically the whole South coast of Sri Lanka is covered with beautiful tropical beaches, some more crowded than others. Since we were quite keen on having the beach all to ourselves, we ended up at Talalla (map). A tiny little town, that surprisingly a lot of people skip (lucky for us though)…

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talalla beach bungalows accommodation sri lanka

Where to sleep in Talalla

Accommodation wise you probably have no more than ten options to choose from, which made us end up at the Talalla Beach Bungalows. We were welcomed by the sweetest staff and the moment you set foot on their premises you’ll wish you can stay forever. The rooms are really basic, but who needs fancy rooms when you got paradise in your garden, right? The doors of our bedroom literally open up to a view of the bright blue ocean, white sands, and palm trees. The clean waves rolling in only a footstep away with not a single soul on them. And with the wind constantly blowing, did I mention Talalla is a kitesurfers’ dream? Yes, Talalla could be called paradise.

Eat, Sleep, Surf, Repeat.

Just to give you an idea of how your day could look like. Waking up with the sound of the waves, maybe an early morning run while the fishermen come to shore with their catch of the night, breakfast with your feet in the sand. There’s nothing you have to do, so whether you wanna go surf or finally start that book you’ve been trying to get into, it’s all part of the Talalla experience.

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Ayurveda massages for days

Since Sri Lanka is well known for its’ Ayurveda massages, Talalla might just be the perfect setting to try this out. Talalla Beach Bungalows actually have an in-house masseur, which is a very enthusiastic guy with magic hands. While my massage was meant to take about 45 minutes to an hour, two hours later my brother came to check up on me if I was still alive. Alive yes, asleep… maybe.

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Catch of the day

We tried several restaurants around Talalla, but once we got the freshly caught fish at our own hotel we didn’t go anywhere else anymore. Our host is not only very welcoming, but he also turns out to be a great chef! Do try all their fish dishes or one of the curries, because they are all delicious. At night our host turned chef, picks up his guitar and turns into a musician as well. So while you’re looking at the bright moon and stars, drinking your Lion beer, and hearing other travel stories, you can’t help but thinking this is how life should be.

Mama Turtles on Talalla Beach

Still not sold? If it’s your lucky night you get a chance to see the sea turtles coming to the beach to plant their eggs. Could any day be more perfect than this? I guess not. Talalla, what a special place you are! If I ever get stranded or end up shipwrecked; dear universe, could you please make me end up at Talalla beach? Thank you very much.


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Photos by: M. Barends & T. Barends©

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